Past and present of MESH wireless ad hoc network technology

2022-09-26 17:56 Duniot Factory
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In recent years, with the development and application of ad hoc networks, the "air ground integration" technology has gradually matured. In terms of previous technologies, there are many problems to be solved. At the same time, the traditional point-to-point transmission cannot quickly realize the synchronous sharing of team information. There are communication system problems among satellite communication, unmanned aerial vehicles and communication command vehicles, and there are many inconveniences in the feedback of major event information. The application of mesh network has greatly improved these problems.

Mesh network, also known as grid network, with its advantages of multi service collaboration and no center distributed, occupies the major emergency private network activities. Mesh ad hoc network has a great advantage in "air ground integration". Since the civilian use of mesh technology, emergency air ground communication has once again ushered in a major reshuffle. Military integrated air ground communication has begun to be widely used in various outdoor emergency communication environments. As a wireless emergency communication network, it has significant advantages.

Multi node coverage, high survivability

The mesh network is developed from the basis of ad hoc. It solves the problem of "the last kilometer" coverage. Multi node network signal coverage can be used to achieve point to multipoint regional coverage. At the same time, it has the advantage of no center. Once the relay node encounters a failure problem, neighboring nodes can realize temporary replacement, which solves the problem that the entire mesh network does not need to worry about relay node failure. It has a fairly high invulnerability.

Air ground integrated long-range cooperative operation

Mesh ad hoc network communication is different from the traditional communication mode. Mesh can not only realize the long-distance transmission of "air ground integration", but also establish a temporary dynamic network according to different emergency communication needs to complete the joint communication between air unmanned networking communication, satellite ground communication, ground vehicle to vehicle linkage, vehicle to person linkage and other communication equipment, so as to achieve air ground integration dynamic perception, Meet various problems of untimely command and emergency dispatching communication, and make action response more efficient.

Mesh multi network topology, covering the last kilometer

The "last mile", as a mesh mesh network, uses the advantages of high bandwidth to achieve wide area networking coverage of a wide range of network signals. At the same time, mesh can achieve point-to-point, point to multipoint, chain relay, etc. to achieve network expansion and hybrid network topology under different dynamic information, while supporting a variety of dynamic network topology types.

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