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★Sturdy, durable and safe three-proof handheld terminal like a shield (IP68 international protection level)

★Appearance/structure design, mold development, secondary development and customized software and hardware, supply chain management, production one-stop service

★Products cover many fields

①Explosion-proof terminals: explosion-proof mobile phones, explosion-proof law enforcement recorders, explosion-proof tablet computers, explosion-proof walkie-talkies; intrinsically safe explosion-proof, coal-safe explosion-proof, mine-safe explosion-proof, dust explosion-proof; suitable for petroleum, chemical and other flammable and explosive places

②Intercom terminal: POC public network intercom, DMR digital-analog integrated intercom; track playback positioning, real-time video, intercom, electronic fence, patrol; suitable for security, inspection and other field workers

③Data collection: one and two-dimensional code scanning terminal, RFID terminal; suitable for warehouse, logistics and other industries

④Security monitoring: face recognition, access control, ball deployment; suitable for building management, school safety management

⑤Military terminal: three-proof mobile phone, three-proof tablet computer, military notebook; IP international protection level, waterproof and drop-proof, suitable for various harsh environments

⑥ Law enforcement terminal: stand-alone law enforcement recorder, 4G law enforcement recorder; used by law enforcement agencies

⑦ Beidou satellite & private network terminal: Beidou satellite phone, 1.4/1.8G private network terminal, Beidou high-precision positioning terminal, Beidou short message; suitable for emergency communication scenarios without signal

⑧Special equipment: alcohol detector, smart helmet, shield

Can be customized according to the needs of secondary development

OEM ①System: change the switch screen, model, built-in APK, anti-manslaughter, black screen operation ②Packaging material: packing box, label ③Terminal: nameplate, decorative strip ODM ①Appearance: ID design, MD structure design, mold opening ②Motherboard: secondary development patch according to demand ③System: modify the bottom layer according to requirements

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