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AIoT+5G intelligent perception image transmission system


The two-way video intercom mobile visual command and dispatching platform, which conforms to the public security industry standard GA/T947, and the intercom voice service system based on wireless data network realized by VoIP technology, are different from traditional interphones. There is no limit on distance. As long as there is a wireless network, the service can be used, which is an extension and supplement to traditional cluster communication products; In addition, the system can also provide users with a multi-functional integrated dispatching system in combination with GPS, multimedia applications or other OA services. The system easily realizes national real-time intercom, personnel positioning, patrol attendance, video law enforcement and other dispatching functions. The system is powerful, convenient to use, simple to install, and low in cost.

1. Real time video: high-definition audio and video real-time transmission on site, realizing visual command and scheduling, and supporting video multi-channel transmission, silent monitoring, video conference, mobile video and other functions;

2. PoC public network cluster intercom: support group intercom, full duplex call, half duplex call, voice conference, voice broadcast, temporary group dispatching, forced insertion, forced disassembly and other functions;

3. LBS location: relying on GPS/Beidou/GLONASS satellite positioning system, real-time tracking and positioning of terminal location also has track playback, electronic fence, etc., which makes scheduling management more efficient;

4. IM timely communication tools: chat pages are similar to WeChat, and support sending text, facial expression packs, voice messages, pictures, files, locations, and taking photos/recording small videos;

5. AI recognition: the front end does face license plate helmet recognition and other intelligent algorithms, which is highly superior to the back-end platform algorithm recognition, and basically does not consume 4G/5G traffic;

6. System connection: multi protocol supports GB/T28181, ONVIF, RTSP and other protocols, and supports connection with video monitoring, voice broadcasting, wired and wireless intercom systems;

7. SOS audio and video linkage alarm: In case of emergency, start SOS one button alarm, and the real-time video, audio, location, terminal ID and other information on site will be automatically reported, triggering the emergency alarm;

8. System architecture: cloud platform or proprietary server architecture, which supports B/S, C/S, disaster recovery backup, data encryption, expansion and other functions to ensure data security;

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One stop terminal customization factory
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The core team has more than ten years of experience in the Internet of Things communication industry; Self developed 5G development board and high-precision positioning module, and provided one-stop service for scheme design and production of intelligent terminals such as law enforcement recorder, three prevention tablet computer, agricultural machinery tablet computer, high-precision RTK handset, explosion-proof mobile phone and DMR handset.

Audio, heat dissipation, antenna, power consumption, EMC, optics, image processing design and debugging

PCBA designs BOM data, plate making and chip production

Industry module expansion, such as RFID module, industrial fingerprint module, ID card module, private network module, etc., is applicable to various industries and rich scenarios

RF debugging

Provide customers with one-stop service for debugging and production of smart terminal antennas (5G antenna, NFC antenna, RFID antenna, GPS antenna, WIFI antenna, FPC antenna, LDS antenna, glue rod antenna, etc.), magnetic materials, RF front-end devices. Proficient in the R&D process of the Internet of Things, multi scenario applications, mobile phones, etc., with superb technology, excellent hardware, excellent service team, the whole process connects each key link of communication R&D, with the system docking system, collaborative research and development with a number of world-class enterprises, in consumer electronics (smart phones, tablets, smart wearables, etc.), automotive, Internet of Things/smart home and smart security, enterprise and other fields, We have provided professional services to customers and established a strategic partnership.

  • It has Thales level laboratory microwave anechoic chamber testing, a full set of network distribution equipment, four microwave measurement anechoic chambers, and two 5G equipment to provide you with the most advanced product antenna testing support

  • NFC antenna debugging is one of the best in the industry to solve all your NFC problems

  • A professional team that has served Huawei, Xiaomi and other first-line brands

Camera module customization

To provide customers with one-stop service for the R&D and design of interface camera modules such as webcams, wireless cameras, USB cameras, MIPI cameras, DVP cameras, LVDS, AHD, etc. The products should be used in camera module products such as face recognition, police law enforcement, commercial display equipment, industrial equipment and facilities, medical equipment, smart home, smart campus, smart finance, smart entertainment audio and video, two-dimensional code, sports cameras, etc.

  • We have professional production equipment and production lines: SMT production line, COB production line, automatic assembly equipment, and automatic focusing equipment R&D team. There are a number of perfect quality inspection equipment and a rigorous quality team.

  • We focus on the research, development and production of camera modules to provide customers with better overall solutions for camera applications.


According to the different requirements of customers on appearance, size, structure and process, we can customize different shells, help with mold design, mold opening tracking and other services, and we can achieve the style you want

Software customization

1. Android system: function deletion, auto startup of switch on/off, pre installed software, collaborative debugging of customer's external module equipment and function definition;

2. AI wireless image transmission: open API interface and SDK package, and make relevant modifications according to customer requirements;

Brand customization

Support the customization of logo, on-off screen, color box and manual, help customers establish brand image, expand brand influence, and better develop the market

Covering aviation, aerospace, warehousing, logistics, vehicle, auto repair, security, education, exploration, fishing and animal husbandry, rescue, power, water conservancy, forestry, railway and other solutions
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