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2022-09-26 18:07 Duniot Factory
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Urban management bureau, which is often referred to as "urban management", is a management department that undertakes the guidance, overall coordination and organization of urban management supervision and administrative law enforcement, including urban rule management, urban traffic management, urban appearance and environmental sanitation, urban greening management, urban public facilities management, etc. However, the sudden situation and conflict of law enforcement in the urban management and law enforcement often bring troubles to the urban administration. How to establish a digital urban management system in a new environment and standardize the urban law enforcement management has become a new problem faced by the urban administration. Yichang Urban Management Bureau has started the construction of Yichang digital urban management system since 2012. The key functions of the construction include group intercom, information receiving and sending, picture shooting and transmitting, personnel positioning, track playback, etc., which are deployed to grassroots urban management team members, and the command center implements real-time control over on-site personnel and on-site conditions. Through the construction of the entire system, the work efficiency and informatization level are improved, Serve the community better.

Customer demand analysis:

Personnel communication: it is necessary to solve the communication problems between outgoing patrol inspectors and law enforcement personnel, as well as between the command center and outgoing personnel. The communication mode is diversified and can accurately feed back the on-site situation.

Information feedback: Outgoing personnel need to timely feed back the on-site situation to the command center. Information shall be fed back in the form of text and pictures for easy storage and reference.

Personnel supervision: the command center needs to know the location information of outgoing personnel in real time. In order to strengthen the management of outbound personnel, the command center needs to record and replay the action track of outbound personnel.

Project implementation content:

Based on the cluster communication platform of the provincial Unicom computer room, the grid management office of the city management bureau is equipped with dispatching desk software. The city management team members are equipped with smart phones with the cluster communication APP. The office can manage the team members through the dispatching desk, receive the text and pictures sent back from the site, and locate the staff members to replay the work process through the track; The team members can directly use smart phones to achieve group intercom, which is convenient for communication. The office can participate in intercom at any time or make a separate call with the team members. All communications are based on 3G traffic, and do not occupy phone charges and SMS charges.

Specific function description provided:

Group intercom;

Voice call;


Location reporting;

Track playback;

Pictures are taken and transmitted.

Scheme advantages:

Digital city management and grid city management are just the goal and direction of informatization development of urban management industry. As a pioneer of digital construction, Yichang urban management has become a model for national urban management organizations to learn and research. The cluster application can be seen as a convenient means to help achieve this goal. As a provider of audio, video and positioning functions, it meets the rigid needs of the industry, and can also promote the enthusiasm of users. Starting with small matters and efficient communication, it can help users better promote the process of digital work and information management after using APP to achieve basic information business.


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