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The core team has more than ten years of experience in the Internet of Things communication industry; Self developed 5G development board and high-precision positioning module, and provided one-stop service for scheme design and production of intelligent terminals such as law enforcement recorder, three prevention tablet computer, agricultural machinery tablet computer, high-precision RTK handset, explosion-proof mobile phone and DMR handset.

Audio, heat dissipation, antenna, power consumption, EMC, optics, image processing design and debugging

PCBA designs BOM data, plate making and chip production

Industry module expansion, such as RFID module, industrial fingerprint module, ID card module, private network module, etc., is applicable to various industries and rich scenarios

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One stop Body Camera OEM/ODM Factory
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Shenzhen Dunsoul Technology Co., Ltd. (brand: Duniot) has always adhered to the belief that "terminals are as solid as shields and AI endows souls", deeply cultivated the digital twin and interaction of AI+terminals, and created a new generation of intelligent terminal equipment to help customers achieve the best business value.

The terminal is as solid as a shield - Dunsoul has always insisted on independent research, development and production of industrial smart terminals, which are sturdy, durable, waterproof, dust-proof and fall proof, and extremely suitable for use in the special environment of Evil Strategy; It also provides appearance/structure design, mold development, secondary development and customization of software and hardware, supply chain management, and one-stop production services.

Ai endows the soul - based on digital twin and interaction, it cooperates deeply with industrial customers to build a new generation of intelligent information system in security, emergency, transportation, logistics, medical, railway, power and other fields, so as to realize asset digitalization, information visualization, human-computer integration and intelligent management in an all-round way.

Smart terminal:

① Law enforcement recorder: stand-alone law enforcement instrument, 4G law enforcement instrument, explosion-proof law enforcement recorder, ball control; Applicable to all security duty industries

② Intelligent safety helmet: 4G safety helmet, 5G safety helmet, explosion-proof intelligent safety helmet; Applicable to power, construction and other industries

③ Cluster interphone: POC public network interphone, DMR digital analog integrated interphone, explosion-proof interphone; Applicable to security, patrol, chemical and other field staff

④ Beidou private network terminal: Tiantong satellite telephone, railway 800M private network terminal, RTK Beidou high-precision positioning terminal; Applicable to no signal emergency communication scenario

⑤ Explosion proof mobile phone: explosion-proof mobile phone, three prevention mobile phone; Intrinsically safe explosion-proof, coal safety explosion-proof, mine safety explosion-proof and dust explosion-proof; Suitable for inflammable and explosive places such as petroleum and chemical industry

⑥ Industrial tablets: Windows ruggedized tablets, Android three proofing tablets, military ruggedized notebooks, explosion-proof tablets; Suitable for use in a hostile environment

⑦ Peripheral accessories: external anti shake camera, magnetic back clip, PTT intercom headset

Platform software:

AI wireless image transmission: a two-way video intercom mobile visual command and dispatching platform that conforms to the public security industry standard GA/T947; It includes functions required by industries such as group intercom, positioning track, electronic fence, real-time video, face recognition, license plate recognition, patrol, 28181, RTSP, ONVIF, etc

Development customization:

① Customization of motherboard: PCBA design of motherboard is carried out according to customer needs, and industry modules can be expanded, such as RFID module, industrial fingerprint module, ID card module, private network module, etc., which is applicable to rich scenes in various industries

② RF debugging: professional teams serving Huawei and Xiaomi solve all your RF problems (NFC debugging is leading in the industry)

③ Camera customization: rich MIPI and USB camera modules can be debugged and opened according to customer needs

④ Appearance customization: according to the different requirements of customers on appearance, size, structure and process, customize different shells to help with mold design, mold opening tracking and other services. We can achieve the style you want

⑤ Software customization: Android system performs function deletion, automatic startup of switch on/off, pre installed software, collaborative debugging of customer's external module equipment and function definition; AI wireless image transmission open API interface and SDK package, and make relevant modifications according to customer requirements;

⑥ Brand customization: support logo, on-off screen, color box and manual customization, help customers establish brand image, expand brand influence, and better develop the market

Customized Process
ID/MD design, PCBA design, mold development, material control, production and manufacturing