Duniot Assists Taxi Command and Dispatch

2022-09-26 18:03 Duniot Factory
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Taxi industry is a special industry group. Nowadays, there are many kinds of communication systems in taxis and their systems are messy, which is not convenient for barrier free group communication between taxi drivers, nor for safety management monitoring by taxi transport management office. Considering different factors and perspectives, the Taxi Operation Department, Taxi Association and Taxi Company hope to solve the problems faced by the taxi industry from the following three aspects:

From the perspective of the Transport Management Office, it is necessary to publicize the taxi industry and provide guidance plans and implementation methods for the safety management requirements proposed by the Ministry of Transport;

From the perspective of taxi associations and taxi companies, although the original positioning system or on call system can manage the location of vehicles and provide taxi hailing services, there is no good solution for the management of communication between drivers, especially for group communication. Taxis are more likely to use the radio stations provided by social car friend organizations for communication and exchange, and this spontaneous way is separated from management, For the sake of safety management, taxi companies expect to build a system that can realize real-time communication and dispatching between drivers and vehicles;

From the perspective of taxi drivers, in order to know more about passenger source information, drivers will make full use of all fast communication methods, such as WeChat, walkie talkie, car radio, etc. However, during the driving process, WeChat will temporarily divert the driver's attention, leading to potential safety hazards. Intercom and radio stations need to pay the initial installation fee and monthly rent. The use of the upper frequency point is not fixed, which is often interfered with, and the communication distance is limited, so it cannot fully adapt to the needs of taxi drivers.

In view of the problems faced by taxi operation offices, taxi associations, taxi companies and taxi drivers, taking into account the current situation of communication and management in the taxi industry, as well as the communication needs of taxi drivers, Jiesi Rui Technology has launched the "Taxi Industry Cluster Communication Solution". The scheme uses the "Trunk Communication" front-end software, mobile phones or customized terminals, together with the special interphone microphone kit as the exclusive communication tool for taxi drivers, and takes the background dispatching console management as a necessary means for the safety management of the operation management department, realizing the integration of communication and management from the management end of the taxi operation management office, taxi company and taxi dispatching room to the taxi driver client, as well as between the clients.

Project implementation content

The management terminal of the taxi company is equipped with dispatching console software, which focuses on the application of voice single call, group call, intercom monitoring and vehicle positioning functions to make free calls and broadcast notices to drivers, and keep abreast of the dynamic location of vehicles for vehicle dispatching, recording, monitoring, taboo and other manual management system personnel, so as to realize the direct control of taxi companies over taxi drivers;

The taxi driver handles the operator's contract machine number and mobile phone number. The mobile phone is installed with the "Trunk Communication" software, and cooperates with the wired handset, vehicle charging, vehicle bracket and other complete vehicle communication kits to achieve the group intercom within the team, and the communication between team members is not limited by distance;

The terminal has a flexible fleet grouping function, and the driver can apply to the company to establish an independent intercom group with familiar partners and use the hand microphone for daily communication. In addition, in order to facilitate management, the company requires drivers to change their mobile phones in the morning and at night and cannot leave the vehicle. If the phone charges are excessive, the two shifts of drivers will negotiate. In addition to using their mobile phones to achieve security management, drivers can also enjoy the operator's preferential treatment in Didi taxi business.

The successful operation of the project has realized the safety control of the operation department over the individual taxi, unified the messy and cumbersome differentiated system, and the application of "trunking communication" not only meets the taxi drivers' communication needs to achieve the integration of mobile phone functions and walkie talkies, reduces the drivers' communication costs, but also avoids the communication problems caused by communication distance, frequency interference and other problems in the past.

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