Duniot Assists North China Electric Power in Patrol Inspection

2022-09-26 18:06 Duniot Factory
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1、 Demand analysis:

"Patrol inspection" is an important measure to ensure the normal operation of production infrastructure in traditional industries. Through patrol inspection, equipment operation status is confirmed, equipment failures are eliminated, and potential accidents are eliminated, such as patrol inspection of power distribution network facilities, oil and gas pipeline facilities, highway facilities, railway facilities, and water conservancy facilities. Cluster communication can provide efficient communication and management means for patrol operators, improve operation efficiency and reduce labor costs.

2、 Implementation scheme:

The duty room and dispatching center are equipped with a dispatching desk to manage and dispatch patrol inspectors

Each patrol inspector is equipped with an industrial grade Android PDA, and the cluster runs on the PDA

The group orders Cluster Connect - enhanced function package by number

The functions of the enhanced version of Trunk Communication include: cluster intercom, voice call, location reporting, dispatching console, video call, picture shooting and video shooting

3、 Function introduction:

The main functions of patrol operation application include:

Cluster intercom: the members of the operation team can communicate frequently through the cluster intercom, which greatly reduces the communication cost and operation complexity caused by telephone calls.

Photo and text transmission: the patrol inspectors can take pictures of the patrol site, attach them with text, and send them back to the dispatching desk for the dispatchers to quickly understand the site conditions and assist in decision-making. At the same time, pictures can also be stored in the background database for verification.

Video feedback: when the patrol personnel encounter equipment failure and other problems, they can send the on-site video back to the dispatching desk for the guidance of the dispatcher. The dispatcher can also distribute the video to other leaders or experts for decision support.

Personnel positioning and track playback: the location information of patrol inspectors is transmitted back to the GIS database in real time. The current location of patrol inspectors can be seen on the dispatching console, and they can also be directly launched from the map for intercom, single call, video retrieval and other operations; The location information recorded by the GIS system can also realize the playback of the action track of the inspectors, and realize the refined management based on the location information.

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