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One stop Body Camera OEM/ODM Factory

The core team has more than ten years of experience in the Internet of Things communication industry; Self developed 5G development board and high-precision positioning module, and provided one-stop service for scheme design and production of intelligent terminals such as law enforcement recorder, three prevention tablet computer, agricultural machinery tablet computer, high-precision RTK handset, explosion-proof mobile phone and DMR handset.

  • Audio, heat dissipation, antenna, power consumption, EMC, optics, image processing design and debugging

  • PCBA designs BOM data, plate making and chip production

  • Industry module expansion, such as RFID module, industrial fingerprint module, ID card module, private network module, etc., is applicable to various industries and rich scenarios

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One stop Body Camera OEM/ODM Factory

With advanced production equipment and testing equipment, BGA mounting range is 0.18MM-0.4MM The minimum packaging of mounting materials is 01005, MYDATA Sweden full-automatic SMT processing production line, with a daily production capacity of 3 million points and top quality control testing equipment, through nine "testing procedures", layer by layer strict control, high standard anti-static, 5000 square meters anti-static and dust-free production workshop

Material inspection
The quality of materials determines the service life of PCB board. All materials in Jingbang can only be used in the smt processing production line after strict inspection
Solder paste printing detection
The 3DSPI solder paste detector from South Korea was introduced to detect the height, area, volume, displacement and other aspects of tin dots in 3D to avoid problems such as less tin, more tin, missing printing, etc. in smt processing and ensure the accuracy of solder paste printing
IPQC checks materials
Refer to the engineering drawings and BOM list, measure and inspect each material of the first board, and ensure that the components attached to the production model are consistent with the engineering drawings and BOM
SMT first article test
With reference to Bom and gerber data, measure and test each material of the first piece of board to ensure that the components attached to the production model during SMT processing are fully consistent with the customer's requirements and prevent defective products from flowing into the next process
Patrol inspection of DIP plug-in process
Before the DIP plug-in, the key points for the plug-in with special components and parts with directions or pins will be trained and explained, and during the DIP plug-in process, the quality inspector will be arranged to conduct continuous patrol inspection to ensure the quality of the plug-in
QA shipment full inspection
Carry out spot check on all smt processing processes according to the product process instructions and job instructions, and pack and ship after ensuring that they are qualified
Solder paste detector
MYDATA chip mounter
Solder paste printer