Functions and differences of g-sensor and gyroscope in mobile terminals

2022-09-26 17:55 Duniot Factory
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Gyroscope is used to measure angular velocity, G-Sensor is used to measure weight acceleration, which is a kind of accelerometer.

G-sensor means acceleration sensor in Chinese (its full name is Accelerometer sensor in English). It can sense the change of acceleration force. Acceleration force is the force exerted on an object during acceleration, such as shaking, falling, rising, falling and other changes can be converted into electrical signals by G-sensor

The acceleration sensor is also called G-sensor, which returns the acceleration values of x, y and z axes.

This value includes the influence of gravity in m/s ^ 2.

Place the phone flat on the desktop. The x axis defaults to 0, the y axis defaults to 0, and the z axis defaults to 9.81.

Place the phone face down on the desktop with the z-axis of -9.81.

Tilt the phone to the left, and the x-axis is positive.

Tilt the phone to the right with a negative x-axis.

Tilt the phone up, and the y-axis is negative.

Tilt the phone down, and the y-axis is positive.

Acceleration sensor is probably the most mature mems product, and there are many kinds of acceleration sensors on the market.

The acceleration sensors commonly used in mobile phones are BOSCH BMA series, AMK 897X series, ST LIS3X series, etc.

These sensors generally provide an acceleration measurement range of ± 2G to ± 16G. I2C or SPI interfaces are used to connect with MCU, and the data accuracy is less than 16bit.

[Gyroscope principle refers to the working principle of the gyroscope. The gyroscope is a device used to sense and maintain direction. It is designed based on the theory of angular momentum conservation. The gyroscope is mainly composed of a rotatable rotor located at the axis. Once the gyroscope starts to rotate, the gyroscope has a tendency to resist the direction change due to the angular momentum of the rotor.

Gyroscopes are mostly used for common examples of navigation, positioning and other systems, such as mobile GPS positioning and navigation, satellite three-axis gyroscope positioning. Gyroscope is basically a directional instrument made by using the property that when an object rotates at a high speed, its angular momentum is large and its axis of rotation will always point steadily in one direction. However, it must rotate fast enough, or its inertia must be large enough (or its angular momentum must be large enough). Otherwise, a small torque will seriously affect its stability.]

Gyro sensor is called Gyro sensor, which returns the angular acceleration data of x, y and z axes.

The unit of angular acceleration is radians/second.

According to the actual measurement of Nexus S mobile phone:

Rotate horizontally counterclockwise, and the Z-axis is positive.

Horizontal counterclockwise rotation, z axis is negative.

Rotate to the left, and the y-axis is negative.

Rotate to the right, and the y-axis is positive.

Rotate upward, and the x-axis is negative.

Rotate downward, and the x-axis is positive.

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