Duniot helps traffic police and cavalry intelligent law enforcement cases

2022-09-26 18:02 Duniot Factory
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Duniot [Traffic Police] cavalry law enforcement system has been implemented in batches in many cities. The system is tailored for the Tieqi traffic police. It uses artificial intelligence and big data processing technology to enable the Tieqi traffic police. The Tieqi traffic police can use this system to intelligently identify parked and illegal vehicles, and can also receive the police dispatch from the background in real time for police work.




The intelligent [traffic police] cavalry law enforcement system connects with the public security network through APN private network technology, and builds a combat police system consisting of "one terminal+two platforms".

One terminal: vehicle intelligent police terminal. It is installed on the police motorcycle to realize the functions of investigation, distribution and control, law enforcement, and service management. After the ignition of the motorcycle starts, the terminal starts to work, records the driving video, reports the real-time location, and connects to the background management system.

Two platforms: vehicle mounted police legal system platform and law enforcement capture management platform. Among them, the vehicle mounted police legal eye system platform is applied in the actual police work, including vehicle monitoring, service statistics, collaborative scheduling, and analysis and decision-making through statistical analysis of historical police data; The law enforcement snapshot management platform is mainly used to review the big data of the number of snapshots taken by the terminal to form the required illegal data.

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Main Functions

1. Automatic capture against stopping

When a vehicle is patrolling or on duty to a section where parking is prohibited, press the capture button on the terminal to enable automatic capture of parking violations. During driving, the terminal will automatically record video and automatically identify all the number plates of the section where parking is prohibited.

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2. Law enforcement capture

During patrol duty, when the police find that other vehicles have traffic violations, such as illegal lane changing, illegal turning, running the red light, pressing the line, occupying the emergency lane, etc., the police can open the law enforcement capture function through the external button installed on the motorcycle handle, and the terminal will automatically record the video and display the video on the terminal screen.

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3. Identification, comparison and early warning

The terminal application system realizes the comparison between the collected license plate data and the blacklist database data in the mobile terminal to identify suspected vehicles, such as illegal vehicles that are overdue for annual inspection, overdue for scrapping, and many violations are not handled, or other blacklist vehicles issued by the public security traffic police system.

When comparing the blacklist monitoring vehicles, the on-board intelligent terminal alerts the police on duty through voice prompt, image prompt, detailed license plate number information, control type and other information to remind the police to intercept.

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4. Information upload

When comparing the blacklist monitoring vehicles, the on-board intelligent terminal automatically uploads the identified monitoring vehicle's license plate number, longitude and latitude of the location, time point, on-site photos, police officers' vehicles on duty and other information.

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5. Police management

On the system, you can view the real-time location and status of all police vehicles, and provide the sign in and sign out function of the cavalry police officers before and after duty. The duty process can be counted: the working hours of the day, the mileage of the day, the amount of law enforcement on the day, the vehicles in the blacklist of the scanned vehicles on the day, and other information to support the police to strengthen management.

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With the support of artificial intelligence and big data processing technology, the Tieqi traffic police have realized rapid alarm, timely handled all emergencies on the urban roads, ensured the road safety and smoothness, timely rectified illegal parking on the main roads, accurately cracked down on key traffic violations, and investigated dangerous driving behaviors such as drunk driving and drug driving.

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