Duniot Helps the Security Command and Dispatch of Ping'an Community

2022-09-26 18:09 Duniot Factory
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With the continuous development of the economy, the society is in an unprecedented transition period, which has led to endless public security problems. Since 2010, the government has opened the private security market, advocated the development of private security to cooperate with the government police, jointly maintain social security, encouraged people to do a good job in early warning and prevention measures, and reduced the huge public security costs paid by the government after the alarm.

With the strong support of the government, public security and other departments, security companies across the country, combined with years of experience in security services, use advanced communication and information means to provide security services for government agencies, enterprises and institutions, community property, large-scale sports, commercial activities and individuals.

Customer demand analysis:

Security and security companies have a variety of anomaly detection sensors, which are deployed at the user site. In case of any abnormal situation, the sensor will send the alarm information to the "duty room of the security company", and the duty room staff will notify the security patrol personnel stationed at the user's site for emergency disposal. At the same time, it will also feed back the on-site situation to the user. If it is an emergency, it needs to alarm and notify the police for disposal.

However, in the above applications, it is found that in the disposal process after receiving the alarm information, the communication means are relatively simple, the technology is backward, and the response plan cannot be effectively implemented. For example, the personnel in the duty room inform the security patrol personnel on duty that they need to use walkie talkies. Due to signal coverage and other reasons, communication will be blocked and instructions cannot be given at the first time. After arriving at the site, the security patrol personnel can only report the situation by voice, which will result in less concise and effective information feedback and communication barriers in emergency. Some service personnel did not carry out safety inspection according to the scheduled route, eliminating potential safety hazards, which brought some difficulties to management.

In view of the practical problems faced by security and security companies, Jiesirui Technology, combined with its years of communication experience, has provided a set of audio and video multimedia scheduling system scheme based on 3G public network to help them solve problems such as unsmooth communication and information blind areas.

Implementation plan:


By building the trunking business platform, using the wide area coverage of the operator's 3G network, combined with the trunking special intelligent terminal and professional dispatching console, provide a complete security business dispatching communication scheme for it;

The dispatching console is installed in the control center, through which the center's personnel on duty can know the location of mobile patrol personnel at any time, and conduct intelligent audio and video scheduling for patrol personnel to understand the site conditions;

Mobile patrol personnel shall be equipped with special intelligent interphones, receive voice dispatching from the center, and timely report on-site video and picture information;

The management personnel shall be equipped with special smart phones, through which they can check the geographical location of the inspectors at any time, accept the videos and pictures uploaded by the on-site inspectors, and command through voice intercom.

Scheme advantages:

Compared with traditional walkie talkies, trunking communication is not restricted by region, and can be used in any area covered by 3G network.

It is equipped with professional dispatching console to provide efficient command and dispatching function based on location and audio and video information.

The management personnel can grasp the on-site information at any time through the intelligent terminal and realize remote command and dispatching.

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