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One stop Body Camera OEM/ODM Factory

To provide customers with one-stop manufacturing solutions such as ID appearance design, MD structure design, sample production, circuit development, structure design, mold design, mold processing, rubber coated mold, two-color mold, injection molding, two-color injection molding, rubber coated injection molding, finished product assembly, reliability experiment, dimension measurement, etc.

  • 128 sets of mold processing equipment+, 35 sets of single and double color vertical and horizontal injection molding equipment (35t~550t)+, 13 manual assembly lines, 2 automatic dust-free assembly lines, 41 sets of reliability testing equipment+, and 95 sets of size measuring equipment+

  • Strictly implement ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949 management systems, and win the trust and support of customers with high quality, fast delivery and zero return

Material selection
Provide material selection scheme, adopt Japanese product R&D process, analyze according to customer's quality requirements, user use scenarios, and sales market standards, and use trust experimental equipment for evaluation. Our company has 41 sets of trust experimental equipment such as high and low temperature cycle cold and heat shock testing machine, yellowing resistance testing machine, salt spray testing machine, and 95 sets of size measurement to ensure that the quality of injection mold products meets customer needs
Structural optimization
With 20 years of experience, the technical team provides injection mold structure optimization services and uses CAE analysis technology to lay a solid foundation for structure optimization, quality improvement and circuit safety; With the aid of 3D simulation mold flow analysis, the reasonable gate position, nozzle size, and runner thickness can be predicted to simulate and analyze the appearance and dimensional stability of trapped air, shrinkage, and injection cycle during injection molding, so as to improve the mold precision, production efficiency and quality assurance certificate of injection molding
Mold Making
It has 128 CNC machining machines, spark machines, wire cutting machines, lathes, milling machines, grinders and other equipment, 8 mold engineers, 23 mold manufacturing teams, an annual production of 350 sets of molds, and undertakes injection molds, vertical plastic coated injection molds, and two-color injection molds
Injection Mould
There are 35 sets of single and double color, vertical and horizontal injection molding equipment of 35 tons~550 tons, including 24 sets of horizontal single color injection molding machines of 90 tons, 120 tons, 160 tons, 260 tons, 320 tons and 480 tons, 4 sets of double color injection molding machines of 260 tons, 360 tons and 550 tons, and 7 sets of vertical injection molding machines of 35 tons, 85 tons, 160 tons and 260 tons. Undertake injection molding, vertical plastic coating injection molding, and two-color injection molding
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One stop Body Camera OEM/ODM Factory