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One stop Body Camera OEM/ODM Factory

Provide customers with one-stop service for debugging and production of smart terminal antennas (5G antenna, NFC antenna, RFID antenna, GPS antenna, WIFI antenna, FPC antenna, LDS antenna, glue rod antenna, etc.), magnetic materials, RF front-end devices. Proficient in the R&D process of the Internet of Things, multi scenario applications, mobile phones, etc., with superb technology, excellent hardware, excellent service team, the whole process connects each key link of communication R&D, with the system docking system, collaborative research and development with a number of world-class enterprises, in consumer electronics (smart phones, tablets, smart wearables, etc.), automotive, Internet of Things/smart home and smart security, enterprise and other fields, We have provided professional services to customers and established a strategic partnership.

  • It has Thales level laboratory microwave anechoic chamber testing, a full set of network distribution equipment, four microwave measurement anechoic chambers, and two 5G equipment to provide you with the most advanced product antenna testing support

  • NFC antenna debugging is one of the best in the industry to solve all your NFC problems

  • A professional team that has served Huawei, Xiaomi and other first-line brands

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One stop Body Camera OEM/ODM Factory
Tyle level laboratory microwave anechoic chamber
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