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Used to detect whether the human body has consumed alcohol and how much alcohol has been consumed. It can be used as a detection tool for traffic police to detect the amount of alcohol consumed by drivers during law enforcement, effectively reducing the occurrence of major traffic accidents; it can also be used in other occasions to detect the alcohol content in human exhaled breath to avoid casualties and major property losses, such as some in high-risk areas Companies that are prohibited from taking up jobs after drinking alcohol.

Can be used to determine whether to drive after drinking. There are generally two methods to detect drunk driving: one is to detect human blood alcohol concentration, and the other is to detect breath alcohol concentration. In theory, the most accurate way to determine whether to drive after drinking is to check the alcohol content of the driver's blood. However, it is often unrealistic to draw blood on the spot when dealing with illegal acts or routine road traffic inspections. The simplest feasible method is to detect the alcohol content in the driver's breath on site.

The breath alcohol detector is an instrument that detects the alcohol content in the driver's breath. When using the test, candidates are required to exhale with a blowpipe in their mouth. If the subject exhales at moderate intensity for more than 3 seconds after inhaling deeply, the relationship between the alcohol content in the breath and the alcohol content in the blood is: blood alcohol concentration = breath alcohol concentration x 2200.

In the above formula, 2200 is the coefficient. Due to the different conditions in different countries, the coefficient values are different. The United States adopts 2000, and Europe adopts 2100. Almost all countries in the world use breath alcohol testers to conduct on-site testing of drivers to determine whether the testee is drunk driving. If the alcohol content of the air exhaled by the driver exceeds the prescribed limit, the instrument will display, and the traffic police will print the test results and notify the testee in writing, and the testee will sign and approve on the spot as the legal basis for the driver's punishment.

It can also be used in high-risk areas where enterprises are prohibited from going to work after drinking. The alcohol detector used by the enterprise is not portable, but a wall-mounted alcohol detector. Compared with the portable alcohol detector, the wall-mounted alcohol detector has the advantages of convenient use, fast detection speed and high accuracy. In order to be more suitable for enterprises and institutions, the wall-mounted alcohol detector has a series of functions such as credit card attendance and voice alarm.

There are basically five types of equipment that can detect the alcohol content in the gas, namely, fuel cell type (electrochemical), semiconductor type, infrared type, gas chromatography analysis type and colorimetric type. However, due to the price and convenience of use, generally only fuel cell type (electrochemical type) and semiconductor type are used.

Fuel cells are an environmentally friendly energy source that has been widely studied worldwide. It can directly convert combustible gas into electric energy without pollution. The alcohol sensor is just a branch of the fuel cell. The fuel cell alcohol sensor uses platinum as the electrode, and the combustion chamber is filled with a special catalyst, so that the alcohol entering the combustion chamber is fully burned and converted into electric energy, that is, voltage is generated on the two electrodes, and the electric energy is consumed on the external load and the combustion chamber The gas alcohol concentration is directly proportional.

Compared with the semiconductor type, the fuel cell type breath alcohol tester has the advantages of good stability, high precision and good anti-interference. However, because the structure of the fuel cell alcohol sensor is very sophisticated, it is very difficult to manufacture. Only a few countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany can produce it. In addition, the material cost is high, so the price is quite expensive, dozens of times that of a semiconductor alcohol sensor.

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