Composed of core functions such as cluster intercom, real-time video, electronic fence, track playback, etc., it can be used for all field personnel, such as security patrols, public security law enforcement, power inspections, taxi dispatch, etc.

1. Push to talk The mobile phone becomes a walkie-talkie, the call connection is fast, support Hold single call and group call. 2. A hundred responses Large user capacity in the group, group call, suitable for on-site command and on-site coordination work scenarios 3. Cross-domain linkage Not restricted by region or distance, real-time remote dispatch can be realized 4. Speech management Realize sub-authority forcibly inserting speech, giving priority to emergency instructions. 5. Simple networking

     Based on self-developed algorithms + embedded customized AI hardware + scene management background and small programs, its rich software and hardware can support the intelligent transformation of major business sites such as campuses and parks. At the same time, it has specially developed mobile phone management to meet small customers Software, mobile phone directly manage the device without server

    The original intention of the smart inspection product design is to use the technological power of machine vision to improve the management level of the enterprise, strengthen the management of supervisors and work tasks, implement the inspection industry supervision requirements, innovate supervision methods, and build a "cloud platform" system through human Face recognition, image recognition, 4G image transmission, group call, software platform, inspection terminal and other technical means realize intelligent inspection.

    It can realize the long-term continuous measurement of the same location, support more temperature measurement areas and automatic detection of more complicated alarm rules, and automatically alarm and save the thermal image of abnormal persons.

·Efficient-fast measurement in 0.05 seconds, real-time intelligent alarm, does not affect the orderly movement of people

·Accurate—The accuracy of temperature measurement can be as high as ±0.3℃, which can accurately detect persons with abnormal body temperature

· Sensitivity-As long as the temperature of the object has a small change (0.05 ℃), the radiation energy will have a large change, which is easy to measure. Traditional thermometers, forehead thermometers, spot thermometers and other temperature measuring tools are not only slow to check, but also bring a great risk of cross-infection through close contact. Infrared body temperature detectors can be installed in unexpected corners of several meters to achieve real-time body temperature measurement of large-scale crowds and automatically capture feverish crowds.

·Safety-non-contact temperature measurement, accurate temperature measurement within 5 meters, keep away from droplets to ensure safety

·Fast-3 minutes to erect, 40 seconds to start, within 5 minutes you can build an indestructible anti-epidemic barrier

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