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China Beidou Navigation Satellite System (English name: Beidou Navigation Satellite System, BDS for short) is a global satellite navigation system developed by China itself, and it is also the third mature satellite navigation system after GPS and GLONASS. Beidou satellite navigation system, the United States' global positioning system, Russia's GLONASS and the European Union's Galileo system are suppliers approved by the United Nations Satellite Navigation Commission.

The Beidou satellite navigation system is composed of three parts: space segment, ground segment and user segment. It can provide high-precision, high-reliability positioning, navigation and timing services for all types of users around the world, and has the ability to communicate with short messages. Preliminarily possessing regional navigation, positioning, and timing capabilities, with positioning accuracy of decimeter and centimeter level, velocity measurement accuracy of 0.2m/s, and timing accuracy of 10 nanoseconds.

As China's domestic market matures, technology licensing is becoming more and more widespread in various industries. With the acceleration of Beidou satellite global networking and the promotion of industrial applications, the development of the domestic Beidou navigation industry has been applied to all walks of life. Among them, high-precision positioning is an important core technology for the development of Beidou navigation industry. High-precision positioning has been widely used in surveying and mapping, CORS networking, deformation monitoring, driving testing and training, autonomous driving, precision agriculture, drones, forestry inspection, marine surveying and mapping, gas and other fields.

1. Surveying and Mapping

The surveying and mapping industry is the earliest industry for high-precision positioning applications. The domestic market indirectly promotes the development of my country's high-precision positioning technology from original import to domestic substitution. Trimble has evolved from providing solutions and sales terminals to sales boards, and Novartis's market share in the field of surveying and mapping is getting smaller and smaller. Domestic RTK terminals are mainly composed of Southern Surveying and Mapping, China Haida, and China Surveying Navigation, which are mutually integrated. With the competition of Trimble, Novartis, Western Hemisphere, Xinxingtong, and Sina, the domestic antenna market has gradually been replaced by antenna manufacturers such as Huaxin and Haiji.

In 2018, the domestic surveying and mapping market shipped nearly 150,000 RTK units. Southern Surveying and Mapping ranked first with nearly 30,000 units, China Haida ranked second with more than 20,000 units, Gio nearly 20,000 units, and China Surveying Navigation nearly 20,000 units. Taiwan, Sina Navigation ships about 10,000 units per year. In 2019 and 2020, Chihiro Kawashima began to make efforts in the surveying and mapping RTK market. Low price strategy + Kawashima Chihiro Findcm service quickly occupied the market share, and it was impossible to fight for a while. Among them, Southern Surveying and Mapping generally uses the motherboard of Tianbao, and some use the motherboard of Sina. In addition to the Tianbao board, Zhonghaida uses its own brand of peso board for its low-priced products. He Zhong Shuangzhuang high-end products use Tianbao boards, Leica OEM products use Novartis boards, and low-end products use hemispherical boards. China survey navigation mainly uses the main boards of Trimble and Xinxingtong. Sina Navigation uses its own board.

2. Driving test and training

The driving training market is a unique high-precision market in China. Since the Ministry of Public Security Order No. 123 was issued in 2013, the renovation and construction of domestic examination rooms have been in full swing. In just 13 or 14 years, the annual board consumption of Duolun Technology and Sanlian Technology has exceeded 10,000 units, and hundreds of driving training equipment manufacturers such as Elite Zhitong, Haier, and Haiji Information have emerged in the driving training industry. The consumption of more than 10,000 boards per year also continues for many years. Therefore, according to analysis, there are about 800,000 driving training vehicles, of which about 100,000 sets of test training equipment equipped with high-precision positioning equipment. As most of the equipment's service life has arrived, the subsequent replacement market will gradually come. According to the industry, Trimble and NovaThai were the main ones in the early stage. As prices fall, NovaThai, Hexinxingtong, and Sina are the main players in the market for test drives, and Hexin’s volume is increasing. Among them, the intelligent driving training robot industry, as an emerging business, has gradually begun to occupy a place in the driving training market. Beijing Xiangyi Intelligence and Shanghai Haiji were the first manufacturers to launch the robot competition. Xiangyi Intelligent is based on driving school. With its deep R&D strength, Haiji Information has its own advantages. Haiji has launched a hardware terminal based on intelligent driving training robots to facilitate enterprises who want to enter the field of intelligent driving training to provide support.

3. Precision Agriculture

At present, with the development, the precision agriculture market has become more and more mature, and the early Meigtiannong accounted for almost half of the land reclamation in the Northeast. In recent years, with the development of the Xinjiang Construction Corps aftermarket and the farming of inland areas, the market capacity has become larger and the United Airlines has developed rapidly, gradually gaining a foothold in the Xinjiang Corps, which has divided the world equally with the United States and China. Heilongjiang Huida also adopted a low-price strategy to gradually exert its strength. Traditional Trimble, Topcon, and China Haida are still struggling in the market. After China Survey Navigation was launched, it also began to exert its mechanical control capabilities.

The consolidation and development of precision agriculture has changed from a traditional after-installation market to a pre-installation market. Every family has connections with large tractor factories and is eager to try the front-end loading market. At present, unity and strength have made considerable progress.

It is estimated that the annual installed capacity of precision agriculture will exceed 5,000 units in the past two years, and the total market holdings are expected to exceed 30,000 units.

4. Deformation monitoring

With the frequent occurrence of geological disasters and large-scale infrastructure construction in the past two years, more and more scenes need to be monitored. Geological disasters are currently the scene with the greatest demand for RTK. The monitoring of power grid tower foundations, bridges, reservoir dams, highways, and tailings ponds all require RTK. It is estimated that the annual usage of RTK terminals will exceed 10K, and the annual growth rate will exceed 30% in the future.

In recent years, China has invested heavily in the field of geological disaster monitoring. As a leader in this field, China Survey and Navigation has an annual output value of nearly 200 million yuan. Chihiro Kawashima is also actively deploying monitoring areas. China Shipping has also picked up the monitoring market again, and seafood information is also vigorously advancing the field of deformation monitoring. There are hundreds of similar companies in the Jiang Wei era in China.

5. Unmanned aerial vehicle

As a new market for high-precision positioning applications, plant protection drones, formation performance drones, surveying and mapping drones, security drones and inspection drones are increasingly used in various industries. It is estimated that the annual shipment of DJI high-precision drones is expected to exceed 100,000 units, and the annual shipment of another star company as a plant protection drone is expected to exceed 20,000 units. Shipments of high-precision drones from other similar companies are expected to exceed 30,000 units. UAV antenna manufacturers such as Huaxin and Haiji have a high market share. UBLOXF9P boards have large core shipments.

6. Autonomous driving

Autopilot has become more and more popular in recent years, but in the initial stage, in order to ensure the effect, Novartis' SPAN series integrated navigation devices are mostly used. As the regional autopilot and fixed route autopilot solutions mature, the opportunity for mass production has come. Deep Blue Technology, Smart Walker, Ma Xiao Zhixing, High Line Robot, etc. Small-scale mass production has begun, and large domestic companies such as Baidu, Ali, Huawei, Tencent, and Didi are actively deploying. Domestic combined inertial navigation manufacturers Daishi Intelligent and Daoyuan Electronics are the rising stars.

7. Personnel inspection

The reason for the individual personnel inspection is that the demand of all walks of life is increasing, the demand of the decimeter level is getting stronger, and the scene is becoming more and more abundant. Railway inspections, power grid inspections, forestry inspections, and port inspections are all just needed. The Ministry of Transportation has just issued an order from the Ministry of Digital Transportation to further promote the application of high precision. This market is also expected to have a broad market, which will bring precision improvements.

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