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-Body Temperature Detection-

The intelligent body temperature screening system is a complete AI scenario solution of face recognition + body temperature screening + big data statistics. The AI thermometer can quickly capture the face information in the image and the temperature information of the corresponding area, the human body temperature can be calculated through the smart terminal, and the captured face can be recognized and displayed directly on the terminal. When the body temperature of the person within the camera preview exceeds or falls below the set normal body temperature, an alarm will sound to remind the person with abnormal body temperature and medical staff to deal with it in real time. At the same time, the abnormal data is uploaded to the management background for data statistics. The report is used to check the fever of the personnel in the user unit under the jurisdiction, prevent the slightest failure, grasp the overall trend, and turn passive to active.



·Efficient-fast measurement in 0.05 seconds, real-time intelligent alarm, does not affect the orderly movement of people

·Accurate—The accuracy of temperature measurement can be as high as ±0.3℃, which can accurately detect persons with abnormal body temperature

· Sensitivity-As long as the temperature of the object has a small change (0.05 ℃), the radiation energy will have a large change, which is easy to measure. Can perform temperature measurement and

Traditional thermometers, forehead thermometers, spot thermometers and other temperature measurement tools are not only slow to check, but also bring a great risk of cross-infection through close contact.

The infrared body temperature detector can be set up in unexpected corners of several meters to realize the real-time body temperature measurement of large-scale crowds and automatically capture people with fever

·Safety-non-contact temperature measurement, accurate temperature measurement within 5 meters, keep away from droplets to ensure safety

·Fast-3 minutes to erect, 40 seconds to start, within 5 minutes you can build an indestructible anti-epidemic barrier

·The host computer and computer client have all Chinese interface, the setting is clear at a glance, the operation is simple and easy to use.

·Multiple temperature measurement modes (point, straight line, area, isothermal, etc.), easy to adapt to different application scenarios




Project backgroundA novel coronavirus outbreak broke out in Wuhan at the end of 2019. The virus has characteristics of h...

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