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Software and Hardware

Introduction: According to customer needs, analyze the achievability of its product functions, evaluate the software and hardware parameters and design the system scheme. We can provide embedded software, single-chip microcomputer, control, sensing, communication, human-computer interaction, circuit, APP software Technical services such as development, background software development, WEB pages, etc. The scope of services covers the Internet of Things, medical equipment, new consumer terminal equipment, AI & face equipment, game console equipment, smart advertising machines and other industries. According to the product function definition and design goals, the overall product development plan is formulated, and each customer is provided with nanny-style technical services.

Project cycle: According to the actual situation of the project

Final output: the selected project’s structural 3D drawings-PRO/E format (only structural cooperation output); the selected project's product parts list-XLS format (only structural cooperation output); sheet metal and machining design parts 2D drawing-CAD format; the schematic diagram of the selected scheme, PCB LAYOUT diagram, BOM table, all are PDF files

Work stage contentService ContentCustomer provides information
1Interpretation and confirmation of product functions in the early stage of designAccording to the product function definition provided by the customer, analyze and confirm the realization possibility, and evaluate the hardware parameter provided by the customer, and the overall system plan.

Customers provide clear and detailed product function definitions and goals to be achieved.

2Device selection verificationSelect the key components according to the product function, and verify the performance of the device and the demonstration of the structure designProvide specifications to customers for confirmation
3System overall plan confirmation

a. According to the product function definition and design goals, formulate the schematic diagram of the product development plan.

b. Overall planning product development process and selection criteria for accessories.

c. Refine the design plan of the electronic part and communicate with the customer for confirmation.

Evaluate and confirm the circuit design.
4Circuit schematic design and PCB layout review, BOM output

a. Mainly electronic schematic design and electronic safety regulations, performance and signal logic design review work

b. PCB board circuit design and review of the rationality, signal integrity, electrical performance and structure of the design

c. Production of BOM of electronic components

Confirm PCB layout design and selection of electronic components.
5Device embedded software developmentLow-level code development and application layer code writingMake the corresponding software code according to the customer's functional requirements.
6PCB board proofingProofing by outsourcing PCB board manufacturersCooperate to test and debug the model, confirm and accept the functional model.


Prototype making, testing, debugging

a. Procurement of electronic components

b. Prototype welding

c. Prototype debugging and testing

d.3PCS model and production

Cooperate to test and debug the model, confirm and accept the functional model.
8Data collation and outputOrganize BOM, production documents, test documentsDocument format can be submitted according to production requirements

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With high efficiency, good service and low cost, we provide customers with the whole industry chain service from product design, research and development, production and supply to marketing channels.


·System customization ·Packaging material customization ·Nameplate customization
Exterior design
·Market research and analysis
·Concept sketch
·2D size optimization
·3D modeling
Feasibility assessment ·Design review ·Prototype review ·Process review ·cost analysis ·Quality review
Software and hardware development ·Circuit diagram design ·PCB board design ·Test board production ·Functional test
Structural design ·Structural research and development ·R&D technical consultation ·Mechanism design ·Ergonomics research
·Prototype evaluation
·Appearance prototype
·Structural prototype
·Functional prototype
·3D printing
Mold development
·Mold design
·Mould development
·Mold verification
·Module modification and debugging
Production supply
·Order Management
·Progress management
·Material control management
·Quality Management
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