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Introduction: In the ID and MD design stage, use professional technical knowledge to conduct detailed disassembly analysis of product appearance and structure design, software and hardware solutions, and analyze product quality, cost, time, resources, and feasibility, etc., to ensure Products meet the functional and cost requirements expected by customers, and improve the success rate of product delivery and market launch.

Project cycle: 7-10 working days

Work stage contentService ContentCustomer provides informationOutput
1Early stage of project development

a. Product function understanding and interpretation

b. Adjust the structure with structural design to meet the requirements that can achieve optimized production

c. Establishment of certification test standards

a. Explain the function in detail and explain the function principle

b. Cooperate and confirm during the process

c. Detailed explanation of sales channels and sales areas

《Product Feasibility Analysis Review Report》V1.0
2Product industrial design stage

a. Appearance design review

b. Appearance prototype review

c. Review of structural design drawings

d. Structural prototype review

e. Participate in material selection and review

f. Analysis and determination of production and processing technology

g. Quality feasibility analysis

a. Provide design documents, and provide design concepts, and the requirements that the product hopes to design to meet, etc.

b. Provide prototype production files (BOM, drawings, process documents) and prototypes

c. Provide expected cost

d. Provide test requirements and functional requirements

a. "Meeting minutes" of the review meeting

b. Review report "Product Feasibility Analysis Review Report" V2.0

c. "Process Confirmation Report"

d. "Product Appearance Acceptance Standard" document

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·System customization ·Packaging material customization ·Nameplate customization
Exterior design
·Market research and analysis
·Concept sketch
·2D size optimization
·3D modeling
Feasibility assessment ·Design review ·Prototype review ·Process review ·cost analysis ·Quality review
Software and hardware development ·Circuit diagram design ·PCB board design ·Test board production ·Functional test
Structural design ·Structural research and development ·R&D technical consultation ·Mechanism design ·Ergonomics research
·Prototype evaluation
·Appearance prototype
·Structural prototype
·Functional prototype
·3D printing
Mold development
·Mold design
·Mould development
·Mold verification
·Module modification and debugging
Production supply
·Order Management
·Progress management
·Material control management
·Quality Management
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