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Introduction: Mold manufacturing feasibility analysis report, mold structure design review, mold quality standards, mold manufacturing schedule, mold parts processing quality confirmation, mold manufacturing progress control, mold trial follow-up and on-site exception handling, mold trial sample problems Review, make mold improvement materials, mold improvement verification, sample production and sample signing before small batch production

Project cycle: 20-35 working days

Output: DFM; mold structure 2D; mold structure 3D; product full inspection size report; mold production schedule; mold modification report; final mold BOM; sealing sample, mold material certificate, mold inspection report, heat treatment report

Work stage contentService ContentCustomer provides information

Mold design technical data input

The mold design engineer reviews and analyzes the template or relevant drawings provided by the customer, and prepares for the formal mold drawing design

a. Customer samples or other hardware.

b. Detailed product drawing (2D or 3D) and mold number and mold life;

c. Pattern lettering film.

d. Plastic raw material performance and shrinkage rate;

e. Other requirements of customers (such as appearance requirements, adopted tolerance standards, product acceptance standards, etc.)

f. Mold design completion date, mold trial date and delivery date.

2Mold structure review

a. Review the product 3D drawing

b. Preliminary 2D ranking

c. Preliminary 3D parting and determining parting line, glue feeding method and thimble position

d. Conduct preliminary review of mold structure

e. Make DFM report

f. Mold production schedule

Confirm the requirements for glue feeding, size and appearance, see DFM for details
3Mold design

a. Detailed 2d assembly drawing,

b. 3D assembly drawing

c. Parts drawing

d. Mold BOM, purchase order

Confirm the requirements for glue feeding, size and appearance, see DFM for details
4Mold making

a. Drawing issuance

b. CNC mold core

c. Copper production

d. Mold and accessories processing

e. Mold assembly

Cooperate in the process

a. Material and machine preparation

b. Make samples on the machine

c. Test report

Cooperate in the process
6Prototype testing and modification

a. Product size and assembly test

b. Product improvement report

c. Function test and improvement report

Sample and function confirmation
7Small batch trial production and sample sealing

a. Small batch trial

b. Mold quality inspection and confirmation

c. Product size and appearance confirmation

d. Finalizing documents

Confirmation of products and molds and documents

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·System customization ·Packaging material customization ·Nameplate customization
Exterior design
·Market research and analysis
·Concept sketch
·2D size optimization
·3D modeling
Feasibility assessment ·Design review ·Prototype review ·Process review ·cost analysis ·Quality review
Software and hardware development ·Circuit diagram design ·PCB board design ·Test board production ·Functional test
Structural design ·Structural research and development ·R&D technical consultation ·Mechanism design ·Ergonomics research
·Prototype evaluation
·Appearance prototype
·Structural prototype
·Functional prototype
·3D printing
Mold development
·Mold design
·Mould development
·Mold verification
·Module modification and debugging
Production supply
·Order Management
·Progress management
·Material control management
·Quality Management
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