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Through the integration of Tong face recognition algorithm, break the traditional access control through the password open door, swipe card open door, fingerprint identification and other ways to verify the limits of personnel authority. Can easily carry on the intelligent transformation of access control system, brush face can quickly and accurately carry out personnel identification and access control.

Application scenarios

Office Access Attendance

Use face recognition to improve office security and convenience.

Face recognition traffic on campus

Student attendance and access staff management.

Face recognization traffic in residential areas

Quick identification of houseowners, effective control of visitors

Construction Site Attendance Control System

Strictly control the entry and exit of the site personnel, and record attendance efficiently.

Face recognition ticket check in scenic area

Improving ticket checking efficiency in scenic area

System design

Design of Small Access Control System (for Dozens of People)

Installing an application on a mobile terminal, such as a mobile phone or a pad to easily meet all needs. Implementing Personnel management, attendance management, visitor management, remote door opening through mobile terminals.

Client / Server Access Control System Design (for large-scale applications)

The management background can be deployed on a PC or in the cloud to implement personnel management, visitor management, equipment management, area management, and attendance management

Hardware list

A100 Main Board

A100 main board has two types, A and B. Type A is used for access control, which has RJ45 and 10 PIN sockets. Type B is used for the head of the brake gate, and rJ45 and 10 PIN sockets modified into pin interface.


A100 main board accessories

Binocular camera match for A100

5-inch,7-inch screen match for A100

Production based on A100

5 inch Access Control Machine A502

5 inch Access Control Machine A503

7 inch brake gate head

Supporting software

Front end application software

In the software, UI has been made into a subject package. Cut the picture according to our requirement and make a theme package, which can be directly applied to the software .

Mobile Terminal Management Software

Achieving simple personnel management, visitor management, remote door opening and other functions.

Backend management platform software

Having background management software with strong management.

Users can use our background directly, or interface with third-party background systems in accordance with standard interface documents,

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