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Introduction: Provide customized services for structural design. According to the product appearance and functional requirements, evaluate the product function definition, feasibility and hardware parameters, etc., and perform slice analysis of the provided hardware or prototype stacking and functions, aiming at the internal basic structure of the product, mechanical functions, software and hardware functions, etc. Carry out mechanism development and structural design, combine the appearance design, manufacturing, assembly sequence, process requirements, and test standards to carry out the overall design of the skeleton construction, disassembly and assembly of the product, determine the materials used, surface treatment processes and quantifiable parts of the product Production evaluation, etc., and finally output structure 3D drawing files, BOM table, structure design description. Ensure that product innovation and design with creativity, cost-effectiveness and good human-machine experience are realized under the premise of product function realization and quantifiable production.

Project cycle: 15~25 working days

Structural design stageService ContentCustomer cooperation
1Early communication of structural designAnalyze structure input dataAnswer the project team’s questions about the project and confirm some of the project team’s opinions on the project
2Assist in structure arrangement confirmation

a. Assist customers to confirm the input of standard components

b. Assist to confirm the customer structure arrangement

c. Structure internal audit

a. Provide specifications or samples of all internal architecture standard components. If there are 3D drawings, try to provide 3D drawings. (If the project design is first appearance and then structure, the customer needs to confirm the appearance first)

b. Hardware matching cloth and wiring

c. Structure confirmation

3Structural frame design stageThe design of the structure of each part of the product, the discussion and determination of the key structure schemes such as product performance and test requirements, the selection of standard components, and the determination of the production assembly process.Assist in the selection of some suppliers and standard components, structural design communication, and customers confirm the structural frame design
4Structural detailed design

a. R&D supply chain for detailed structural design

b. Internal review of structural drawings

Structural design communication, customers confirm the detailed structural design drawings
5Structure prototype production and structure review stage

a. Research and develop the supply chain for structural prototype inquiries, and sign a structural prototype production agreement

b. Research and develop the supply chain to produce drawings of structural prototypes, and cooperate with customers to carry out structural prototype supervision work

a. Sign a structural prototype agreement, and the customer pays for the production cost of the structural prototype (it is recommended to make two structural prototypes)

b. Verify and confirm the structural prototype and assist the R&D supply chain to modify the structural details

6Prepare mold or processing drawingsResearch and develop the supply chain to organize the BOM table, and the mold opening data of plastic parts.The customer confirms the mold opening 3D drawing and related information

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With high efficiency, good service and low cost, we provide customers with the whole industry chain service from product design, research and development, production and supply to marketing channels.


·System customization ·Packaging material customization ·Nameplate customization
Exterior design
·Market research and analysis
·Concept sketch
·2D size optimization
·3D modeling
Feasibility assessment ·Design review ·Prototype review ·Process review ·cost analysis ·Quality review
Software and hardware development ·Circuit diagram design ·PCB board design ·Test board production ·Functional test
Structural design ·Structural research and development ·R&D technical consultation ·Mechanism design ·Ergonomics research
·Prototype evaluation
·Appearance prototype
·Structural prototype
·Functional prototype
·3D printing
Mold development
·Mold design
·Mould development
·Mold verification
·Module modification and debugging
Production supply
·Order Management
·Progress management
·Material control management
·Quality Management
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