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Duniot S10-C widows Ruggedized tablet

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S10-C Ruggedized portable terminal

1、 Product introduction

★ Industrial reinforcement and three prevention design;

★ Wide screen 10.1 "LCD, 1920 * 1200 resolution 400 brightness, can be equipped with 1000 brightness bright LCD screen;

★ The wide temperature main board of tablet computer with its own power management is adopted to meet the requirements of industrial industry;

★ Built in 11.1V OUT battery, 3 parallel and 3 series of large capacity polymer batteries;

★ Rich functional interfaces, which can be customized;

2、 Product introduction

S10-C is a 10.1 inch ruggedized portable terminal, which adopts high-performance, low-power, wide temperature tablet computer motherboard, and large capacity, wide temperature battery has a long life; HD, high brightness display screen, anti glare protection cover plate; Abundant PCIE/USB3.0 and other interfaces of the native extension signal of the motherboard have powerful expansion functions and expansion space, and can provide customized services for different needs. Reinforced protection, wide temperature design, strong link adaptability, the whole machine can be directly started at low temperature after vibration, impact, drop, high and low temperature tests.

application area

It can be used in command and control, communication support, data reconnaissance, equipment maintenance, exploration mapping and other industrial occasions



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