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Duniot M6 4G Explosion proof Smart Helmet

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Edition Standard、Ex
Battery 3000mAh
System Android 8.1
Network 4G
Size 280*235*170mm
Weight 550g
Label IP64

The safety supervision and management platform is deployed in the command center, mainly realizing personnel management, on-site management, remote decision-making and command, emergency rescue and other functions.

Mobile APP is installed on ordinary smart phones or special terminals to facilitate mobile office work and on-site supervision.

Intelligent wearable device, with integrated design, takes the helmet as the carrier to realize on-site audio and video communication, safety promotion, hazard warning and other functions, freeing hands.

Realize efficient communication, security supervision and data collection on site through the private network, and support multiple security supervision and management methods such as computers and smartphones to provide video and picture information for the intranet through video cables; Collecting the on-site real-time information to the internal network can push various regulatory requirements of the internal network to the on-site supervisors through the private network seating platform for real-time video feedback: view the on-site video information at any time and anywhere, and locate the video storage location: all devices support the positioning function, can view bit information, and carry out location-based sharing and resource scheduling functions Voice intercom: can achieve remote voice intercom function, Realize fast communication and voice broadcast for on-site personnel and remote supervisors: supervisors can push various safety prompts through text, voice and other ways, and on-site equipment can push automatic voice broadcast database; relevant safety production data can be pushed to on-site operation data archive; pre shift publicity, on-site communication and video information of on-site operation can be saved and classified for later data analysis

Data storage: according to the supervision task, track, video, voice, intercom, short message and other contents in the supervision process can be saved in the storage server to form a supervision data source, which can provide basic data for later data analysis and provide video, pictures and other support for the internal network supervision business system

It integrates safety helmet and wireless communication, can effectively shield noise, and can still send and listen very clearly in a strong noise environment, realizing real-time feedback of on-site conditions to the far end, and truly freeing hands. The equipment has such functions as high-definition video capture, voice communication intercom, hazard detection and early warning, local storage, etc. It solves the "last mile" communication problem of on-site operations, and is applicable to rescue, communication command and emergency consultation at disaster sites.

The rescuers shall collect the on-site data at the first time after arriving at the accident site, and timely return the collection time, GPS coordinates, on-site situation description and on-site personnel information to the command center under the condition of network environment; When the on-site network environment is bad and the signal is poor, the above information can be saved locally, and when the network environment is satisfied, the relevant data can be returned to the command center.

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