Duniot M2 4G Smart helmet camera

RAM: 32G/64G/128G
Battery: 2600mAh
Camera: 1300W
Network: 4G LTE/WiFi、1.8/1.4G
Features: 125º、IP66

Electric power repair-railway inspection-site construction (remote spot inspection)-4G image transmission-voice dispatch smart helmet helmet (support 1.8G power private network + public network), lens angle adjustable, cap off alarm, intelligent production safety- Refined visual supervision, expandable and precise positioning of UWB, near electricity warning, personnel attendance, etc., intelligently identify whether to wear a helmet, whether to wear work clothes.

Precautions for use:

1. Keep away from fire sources.

2. Avoid placing the camera lens directly in sunlight.

1. Electromagnetic waves of specific frequencies may affect image quality.

2. Before using the product for the first time, or before using it for a long time, please fully charge it.

3. If the product is not used for a long time, please fully charge it every 2 months to avoid battery failure.

4. When the machine breaks down, please do not disassemble and repair it arbitrarily. Only authorized maintenance personnel can perform maintenance on the machine.


Button and interface function:

①Power on/off button

②Illumination lamp/laser button

③USB2.0 interface

④Laser lamp

⑤Illumination lamp

⑥Tightening adjustment knob

⑦Charge indicator

⑧Start indicator

⑨Video indicator

⑩Speaker Receiver SIM card

Long press the "on/off button" for 3 seconds to turn on the device, the green light will light up when the device is turned on, and the video indicator light ⑨ will flash after the boot is completed.

The default is to start recording. Short press the power on/off button to manually stop or start recording. The recording indicator ⑨ flashes during recording, and after stopping the recording, the recording indicator ⑨ is always on.

Long press the "on/off key" key for 3 seconds to turn off the machine when it is turned on, first the video indicator ⑨ goes out, and then the start indicator ⑧ goes out.

Short press the "light/laser key" to turn on the light, then short press to turn off the light, long press for 3 seconds to turn on the laser point, and then long press for 3 seconds to turn off the laser light, while turning on the light, you can turn on the laser for 3 seconds The light, illuminator + laser light can be turned on at the same time.

The two lights of the charging indicator ⑦ and the power-on indicator ⑧ are always on when charging. After fully charged, the charging indicator ⑦ is off, and the power-on indicator ⑧ is still on.

Support low battery alarm. When the battery is low, the charging indicator light ⑦ flashes with an alarm sound, and then it automatically shuts down.

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