Duniot A506 Face access control

Screen: 4.95inch(854*480)
Camera: 200W
System: Linux
Features: Temperature measurement, mask recognition, alarm push, live monitoring

1. Program overview

(Face recognition + body temperature detection + access control/swiping card + PC background management + mobile phone management)

Based on the Linux system, this product is a reliable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy visual face recognition access control product. It can provide a total solution of face recognition + body temperature detection + access control/swiping card + PC background management + mobile management , Help to realize the intelligent safety management needs of personnel.

It is suitable for various scenarios that require personnel management, access management, and safety management in office areas, commercial buildings, hotels, banks, schools, shopping malls, communities, and public services. (For indoor use only)

2. Product appearance

Using aviation aluminum, die-casting, finely polished, three-time spraying process, the body is sturdy and durable, with excellent heat dissipation performance! The smart terminal uses the leading face detection and live body recognition methods; under the 10,000 face database, the live body detection + face recognition time is less than 0.2 seconds. The smart terminal runs the Linux system and provides a standard external interface. It is recommended to use it in scenes within 10,000 images of the face library.

3. Main functions and characteristic selling points

Leading face recognition algorithm with recognition accuracy greater than 99.8%

Built-in temperature measurement module

Dynamic non-sense recognition, the recognition speed is less than 0.2 seconds;

Support mask recognition; support wide dynamic (used in strong light and backlight environment)

Binocular live detection can effectively prevent non-live attacks such as paper photos, cell phone pictures/videos, etc.

Intelligent body temperature detection, accuracy ±0.3℃; abnormal body temperature alarm

Embedded Linux system, low power consumption, more stable operation, more secure data.

Access control (door control, gates), swipe IC card; user management, visitor management, attendance management

It comes with a back-end management system; it can also provide a standard external interface to connect to the customer’s existing back-end.

Provide mobile phone management software to realize remote door opening and basic management functions

6. PC management background and mobile software

1. PC-side management background, specific functions include:

●User management ●visitor management, ●equipment management, ●attendance management, ●area management

2. Mobile phone management software (continuous development and upgrade):

It can realize simple personnel management, visitor management, remote door opening and other functions

3. Support QR code visitor management applet (cloud support or local server support is required)

Seven, installation method

1. Wall-mounted type: fixed to the wall by the wall-mounted bracket

2. Gate type (refer to the picture)

3. Desktop vertical or ground vertical (refer to the picture, the vertical bracket can have a variety of appearance specifications)


8. System deployment

1. Small access control system (applicable to small and medium enterprises)

Only use one access control device alone. Install the management background on the PC side, and use the mobile phone management software for assistance, which can easily meet the daily access control and attendance needs.

For small and micro enterprises with a small number of people, it is not even possible to use the PC-side management background, and only use the mobile-side management software.

2. Client/server access control system (suitable for larger-scale applications and networking applications)

Multiple access control devices need to be used at the same time. After deploying on PC or cloud, comprehensive management of remote and multiple access control devices is realized.

Access control wiring diagram


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