Duniot D102 Face recognition infrared thermometer

Screen: 8.5Inch
Camera: 200W
Features: Face recognition, infrared multi-person temperature measurement

Product Features:

Thermal infrared characteristics

Built-in high-precision thermal infrared module, temperature detection range -10℃~150℃, accuracy ±0.3℃

Support OSD real-time display and overlay of human body temperature

Support low temperature alarm, high temperature alarm, and regional temperature difference alarm and other alarm methods

Visible light characteristics

Binocular face recognition, support infrared live body detection

Super-large face library, which can support up to 65,000

Ultra-fast recognition speed, complete recognition within 150 milliseconds

With 8.5-inch ultra-high-definition display

Excellent environmental adaptability, adapt to low light and strong backlight, support automatic face exposure

General features

Support Wiegand protocol, can directly drive access control, and control various gates, etc.

 Rich hardware interface, integrated 100M Ethernet port, audio interface, Wiegand interface, relay interface, TF card, USB and other interfaces

 Use 1/2.8" 2 million pixel progressive scan image sensor, excellent low illumination

The maximum output resolution is 1920×1080@30fps, the picture quality is clear and smooth

Support 2D, 3D digital noise reduction function, clean picture and low noise

Support H.265+ /H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG video compression algorithm, support multi-level video quality configuration, encoding complexity setting

Ultra-low power consumption, the motherboard power consumption is only 5 watts

The software architecture is stable and reliable, easy to expand

Linux system, stable and reliable

Support the secondary development of equipment-side application software

Support various software and hardware personalized customization

Scope of application:

It can be widely used in the control of entrances and exits or areas such as passages, gates, and turnstiles.


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