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Duniot K3 off-line body worn camera

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Product introduction

This single police on-site law enforcement audio and video recorder (hereinafter referred to as the law enforcement recorder) is the latest law enforcement on-site audio and video recording product created by our company, which contains a number of the latest video and audio processing technologies, has comprehensive functions and reliable performance, and can be widely used in law enforcement departments such as public security, prosecution, law enforcement, military police, industry and commerce, and taxation. When law enforcement personnel use this equipment at the law enforcement scene, they can timely record the scene, collect evidence, standardize law enforcement behavior, reproduce the scene, and ensure the accuracy and fairness of law enforcement.

Highlight technical characteristics

Stable product operation and low energy consumption;

Professional waterproof and dust-proof design, IP66 waterproof grade can effectively prevent rainwater and dust from entering;

3. Industrial grade plastic and structural design, the bare machine can withstand 2.5 meters of free fall, and the body and data will not be damaged;

4. Real full HD 1296P 30 frames/second video recording, H.264 coding;

5. Photograph 36 million pixels in JPG format;

6.2200 mAH rechargeable lithium battery;

7. Warning light function, realizing personnel positioning by explosive flash, ensuring the safety of law enforcement personnel

8. Dual control of video recording, one key boot video recording;

9. When the infrared light is turned on, the video can be recorded continuously for 5 hours under no light conditions;

10. Large aperture lens design, with no dead angle and a clear view. The 140 ° wide-angle lens can not only ensure the large visual angle video recording with high amount of information in dynamic state, but also ensure the clear picture shooting in static state;

11. High sensitivity microphone design, high SNR recording function;

12. The humanized "power" and "work" indicators on the top bring more convenience to law enforcement;

13. One click play can quickly view the recorded video data;

14. Video recording is delayed and pre recorded to ensure that no law enforcement picture is missed in the process of law enforcement;

15. Ultra strong infrared, night vision distance can reach 8-15 meters. Double filter switcher, no color bias during the day, clearer at night;

17. Ultra long watermark technology, including shooting time, police officer number and product number, has more legal benefits;

18. Super long file name technology, including shooting time, police officer number, product number, to facilitate search and hierarchical management;

Including: back clip, charger, data cable, manual, packaging box

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