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Duniot K9 Android 5G body worn camera

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Edition Standard、Ex
Screen 3.1inch(480*800)
System Android 11
Network 5G
Label H.265、IP68

1、 Product introduction

DSJ-K9 is a 5G law enforcement recorder newly developed by Dunsoul. The product adopts a new design concept, with simple appearance, compact size, comprehensive functions and stable performance, which can fully meet the needs of various industries and fields for on-site forensic recording. Various texts, logos, logos, patterns, etc. can be customized on the front of the fuselage, and can be used for law enforcement or commercial purposes.

The product uses an 8-core high-speed processor, which can be equipped with Android 11.0 intelligent operating system. Through 5G wireless transmission, it can achieve platform based intelligent video recording and 4K high-definition image quality. The security of the product has been comprehensively improved through the assembly of national security level II encryption chip, semiconductor fingerprint sensor, etc. Combined with the two-color mold process, the integrated die casting molding can achieve IP68 level of deep waterproof. It is more stable and reliable to wear outdoor law enforcement for a long time.

2、 Functional advantages

Video resolution: multi file adjustable, maximum 4K * 2K 30FPS HD video;

Photographing pixels: adjustable in multiple files, with a maximum support of 40 million;

Screen: 3.1 inch IPS full view LCD high-definition display, multi-point capacitive touch screen;

Lens: front and rear 3 cameras, front main camera is Sony lens, wide angle 100 °;

Fingerprint identification: semiconductor fingerprint sensor;

Speech recognition: iFLYTEK supports voice control;

Encryption chip: Xinda Jie'an (Guomi Level II encryption chip);

Bluetooth/NFC: support Bluetooth 5.0, support NFC, and read ID card information;

System platform: it can be equipped with iVS-100 visual command and dispatching system;

Satellite positioning: support Beidou positioning and GPS/Galileo/GLONASS positioning.

Cluster intercom: support group intercom, single to single/single to multiple intercom mode;

Video intercom: support one-way and two-way video intercom from the law enforcement instrument to the platform, and support one-way and two-way video intercom from the law enforcement instrument;

Capture/continuous shooting: support capture and continuous shooting of photos during video recording;

Infrared night vision: 4 high-power infrared lamps, the infrared mode can be manually/automatically switched, and the face is clear within 6 meters;

Character superimposition: all videos and photos are attached with time, product number, user number and other information, which cannot be edited, providing strong evidence for investigation and evidence collection;

Motion detection: When objects move in the detection area, the device can automatically record;

Pre recording/delayed recording: support video pre recording, maximum 30s (1080P), and support video delayed recording, maximum 600s;

Key mark: key documents can be marked by pressing corresponding keys during recording;

Gravity sensor: equipped with an acceleration sensor, which can automatically start recording in case of a collision in standby mode, and automatically save the video files and re-enter the recording mode in case of a collision in the process of recording;

Shortcut operation: One button operation is supported, which can control functions such as video recording, recording, sending and playback;

Storage: built-in TF card, 16G/32G/64G/128G/256G;

Battery: 3200mAh replaceable rechargeable battery, charging ≤ 5 hours, the default resolution of more than 10 hours can be recorded when a single battery is fully charged, and more than 4 hours can be recorded when 5G is turned on. When the battery is replaced, no power is cut off within 5 minutes, and the flight mode can be standby for 100H;

Weight: host weight to be determined;

Size: 104mm * 63mm * 26mm;

Interface: support TYPE C interface, 5pin data cable, 3.5mm standard headphone interface, and can be connected to external mono intercom headphones. Bottom contact, supporting charging and data transmission of special base;

Appearance process: dual color mold process, integrated molding, waterproof and dustproof, IP68, fall proof within 2 meters;

Wearing mode: support multiple wearing modes such as shoulder clip, back clip, magnetic clip, pin clip, and strap, and support multiple installations such as self timer, tripod, and vehicle mount.

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