How to choose on line body worn camera:4G body worn camera or 5G body worn camera?

2022-12-30 17:31
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With develop of on line monitor request, 4G and 5G body camera was asked.   By now 5G body camera mainly purchased by Chinese marekt as 5G base station had been set up, by Novermber of 2022, there are about 2.287 million 5G base station.

Although 5G body worn camera start to be used but each bid is not big, one reason is duing to 5G body worn camera cost is high, for example 5G antenna adjust cost is more expensive than 4G body worn camera. Another reason is by now 4G body worn camera feature can fully meet all customer acutal demand. So by now 4G body worn camera is still main body worn camera in Chinese market especially in overseas market.

From 2019 our main 4G model C310 body worn camera batch production released, by now we had sell out more than 100,000.00 pcs PCBA. Following is our hot version 4G body worn camera PCBA layout, it is the first slim design 4G body worn camera PCBA design in Chinese market.

In 2022 our upgrade version D01 4G smart body worn camrea had started to instead on C310, D01 body worn camera is low-level-light vision and support complete feature compared C310. Following is our D01 picture:

Additional, we accpet OEM & ODM 4G body worn camera and 5G body worn camera order,customer can order PCBA or we can make the complete finished body worn camera accordingly.

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