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2022-09-30 10:36 Duniot Factory
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SmartEye, designed&released by BesoVideo, is a large-scale networking video management software/VMS, it’s ready-to-use, high-performance, reliable solution, and flexible for your business at any size.It’s complete free.It’s designed for mobile CCTV surveillance, and may extend to support any kind of IP networking devices.
Both C/S and B/S(WEB SDK, full SDK for chrome/H5, OCX/RTMP/HLS ) , free.

it supports

1) Multi networking devices registration&management

2) Multi access mode, 5G/4G, wifi/MESH/COFDM, wire cable

3) Multi terminal as client, both PC(WINDOWS/LINUX) and mobile devices(Android/IOS)

4) Multi audio/video encoder/decoder, H.265/H.264/MPEG4, AAC/G.72X

three components

1) PU, the devices, includes 4G LTE body camera, 4G hardhat/helmet camera, 4G torch camera, 4G dome,4G vehicle moutn mDVR, mini 4G HDMI DVR for drones, mini 4G camera, mini 4G NVR etc

2) the server, consists of series of services, including CMS/VTDU/NRU, and plug-ins, WEB service, protocol-in gateway etc, supports WINDOWS/LINUX/Android,supports distributed/cascade mode

3) the client, including monitor/manager/player, supports WINDOWS/Android/IOS, supports both C/S and B/S software, full SDK free


PU: the devices, including cameras, DVR/DVS/NVR etc

CU: the client, both on PC and mobile devices

Main functions


It supports,

1)Live video/audio streaming, streaming pull(vod)&push(alarm/SoS)

2)2-way audio and group PTT among multi devices.

3)E-map, support both online maps(baidu&google) and static maps(archGIS/OSM/mapInfo etc), interactive maps, GPS tracking, track playback.

4)Record management/cloud recording, remote search, download, playback

5)User management and remote instant control&configuration on devices

6)Advanced functions to detect and respond to incidents&alarms.

7)multiple protocols input/output,private smarteye by SIP+RTP,ONVIF/RTSP, RTMP etc

It highlights,

1)Scalability, max to 1024 devices connection for one single server, and support distributed mode, thus may expand to support millions of devices by cascade.

2)High security, Ukey supported to secure user access, data encryption over wireless channel, 5 user level to secure access to devices.

3)Openness, varied SDKs provided for 2nd development and integration, including WEB SDK(H5-HTTPFLV/OCX/HLS/RTMP)
for B/S and CUSDK(C++) for C/S software.

4)Flexibility, may be deployed quickly on WAN or LAN.

5)High stability, may serve 7x24hours without interrupt.

6)Compatibility,multiple protocols(RTSP/ONVIF/RTMP) input/output supported, supports 3rd networking devices connection via protocol gateway, work seamlessly with milestone,CMSV6 etc

Multiple devices support

AR glass camera,live streaming to VMS via 4G LTE/WiFi

rotatable lens 4G body camera,,LCD facing outward,BE880X

BE880X&BC310 with smarteye

Cable/IP camera register in

For ONVIF camera,

provide both C/S & B/S WEB client

3kinds of client software, WEB software with MCP as camera

2nd development on smarteye WEB SDK

Multi protocols support

gobble CMSV6

basic functions

live view,

e-map&GPS tracking, history playback

google map, open street, tile, ArcGis, mapinfo etc.

group PTT/PoC&internal IM for message/file/picture transfer

group PTT among 4G helmet cameras in smarteye,tiktok

recording on cloud&wireless download

upload recording files to server on cloud automatically, take the place of a docking station.

data encryption

AI powered

Cascade for large scale deployment

open source&UI/skin easy customization

C/S & B/S WEB client open sourced on github.

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