How many kinds of satellite phones are there? What is the Tiantong 1 satellite phone?

2022-09-26 15:18 Duniot Factory
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Is Huawei Mate50 a satellite phone? What's the difference?

How many kinds of satellite phones are there? What is Tiantong satellite phone?

At the recent Huawei Mate50 press conference, the most eye-catching thing is this "breakthrough technology". Is that what we call satellite phones? In fact, there are still some differences. It was clearly stated at the press conference that it is the world's first public smart phone that supports Beidou satellite messages. In fact, it is the Beidou short message and positioning function I mentioned in the previous issue, and it has no satellite call function.

And what we call satellite phones are

Maritime satellite operated by the United Kingdom, L-band, covering the world's sea, land and air except the North and South Poles

Iridium satellite operated by the United States, L-band, covering the world (limited by Russia)

Eurostar, L-band operated by the United Arab Emirates, covers regions other than the South Arctic and North and South America

As well as our independently developed Tiantong 1 satellite, S-band, covering the whole of China

If used in China, the most cost-effective one is China's Tiantong No. 1 satellite phone. For example, the one I took on my mobile phone is the the third mock examination Tiantong satellite phone, mobile phone + DMR interphone + Tiantong satellite phone. Now China Telecom can directly open Tiantong satellite phone service without changing its mobile phone number. It has 720 minutes per 1000 years, 1.6 minutes for the excess part, and 0.4 SMS, At the end, we will attach a Tiantong card to you.

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