UWB Bluetooth beacon indoor positioning solution

2022-09-26 15:22 Duniot Factory
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Positioning is divided into indoor positioning and outdoor positioning. It is impossible to search satellites indoors, so the conventional GPS/Beidou positioning cannot be used. Only the operator's base station positioning LBS is free of charge, but the accuracy is too poor, with a deviation of tens to hundreds of meters. Therefore, indoor positioning has always been a big problem.

Up to now, the industry's more mature solution is UWB, but the cost of the UWB base station is too expensive. For now, only power plants, prisons and other limited and well funded units can afford it.

It is a good news for the industry to look for low-cost indoor positioning technology solutions for many years, until the Bluetooth beacon technology solutions emerge.

Bluetooth beacon positioning is a revolutionary technology. It gets rid of expensive and high-density positioning base stations, which greatly reduces the cost of the system. As long as the mobile (video/positioning) terminal supports Bluetooth, it can cooperate with Bluetooth beacon to achieve positioning.

Scheme recommendation: Like one-dimensional tunnel positioning, UWB positioning is the best. A base station can cover 100~500 meters with an accuracy of 1~5 meters. The denser the deployment, the higher the accuracy.

For indoor positioning in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space such as power plants and factories, Bluetooth iBeacon can be used for positioning. Simple installation is required, and the positioning accuracy can reach 3-5 meters.

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