Mobile monitoring solution for fixed places

2022-09-26 16:18 Duniot Factory
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Is there any dead corner in your factory? Is the intercom information of security patrol unable to be saved?

Today, there is a dead corner for monitoring in fixed places, and the intercom audio cannot be stored to give you a solution.

I believe that many fixed sites deploy fixed monitoring points, but there are still many monitoring dead spots. At this time, we only need to add a device, namely a mobile monitoring recorder. There is no need to deploy a server or a traffic card. Just a small terminal can directly access your existing monitoring screen and add a mobile monitoring point for your fixed monitoring.

More than that, does your security personnel have to take a walkie talkie when patrolling, and the voice in the walkie talkie cannot be saved, in case of later backtracking to find evidence? It is also a mobile monitoring recorder, which can directly replace your walkie talkie and be worn by security personnel. Real time video can be returned to the monitor and automatically saved to your hard disk. In addition, it can also talk with one button. The audio information of the talkie will also be saved to the hard disk. It can also become an internal communication tool similar to WeChat to prevent information from being transmitted outside.

You are right. All these functions only need this mobile monitoring recorder, and you do not need to increase your budget to purchase other equipment.

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