Privatization deployment server scheme for 4G/5G explosion-proof law enforcement instrument

2022-09-26 16:04 Duniot Factory
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After the 4G/5G law enforcement recorder is purchased, it cannot be officially used. It is also necessary to purchase the Internet of Things network card, and choose private deployment server or public server. If it is used unreasonably, the traffic fee and broadband fee required will be far more expensive than the law enforcement instrument.

If the IoT network card only uses a visual command and scheduling platform, you can consider purchasing a targeted IoT network card, which will cost much less.

Public servers are generally deployed by others. You only need to pay annually.

Here we mainly talk about the private deployment server, which is generally divided into server hardware and broadband. The broadband here is not household broadband but commercial broadband with independent IP.

The first solution is to use ECS, such as Alibaba Cloud, where the hardware is paid annually. Broadband is divided into fixed bandwidth or traffic. If the frequency of use is high, you can choose fixed broadband. If you only occasionally access offline audio and video, you can pay by traffic and purchase a shared traffic package.

The second solution is to purchase physical servers at one time; Broadband You can apply for independent IP broadband from the local operator, or you can trust the server to the service provider to use their independent IP broadband. It is recommended to choose BGP three networks in one broadband, so the experience will be much better.

How do we choose the configuration and bandwidth?

The server is actually divided into command control center server, streaming media server, and storage server. However, we usually use one server for the project with less than 500 terminals; Quad core CPU, 8G memory or 16G memory are enough for configuration; The hard disk is mainly used for storage. 480P is about 1M per minute, 720P is about 5M per minute, and 1080P is about 30M per minute. Therefore, the size of the hard disk required is equal to the space occupied per minute * storage time * number of terminals; The choice of bandwidth and IOT network card traffic depends on how many videos you call at the same time and for how long. In fact, when we use the law enforcement instrument normally, we don't need much traffic, which can be ignored. There are roughly two scenarios that require a lot of traffic and bandwidth consumption. The first scenario is real-time remote audio and video. One 480P uses about 1M/S bandwidth, 720P uses about 2M/S bandwidth, and 1080P uses 4M/S bandwidth. Therefore, the bandwidth occupied by each set * how many audio and video channels are called at the same time * call time; Another way to consume bandwidth and traffic is server storage, which can be set to upload when WiFi is accessed at the same time during off hours. In this way, no traffic is consumed, and you can queue up to upload slowly even if the bandwidth is insufficient.

If you use it this way, you don't need much traffic and bandwidth. Some friends may be a little confused when they hear this, so I will come up with the simplest solution. In general, about 100 law enforcement devices are used in conventional projects. In the early stage of trial operation, you can directly go to Alibaba Cloud. The server is 4-core 8G, and the hard disk is 1T. If it is not enough, you can directly expand online. For broadband, you can choose 100M based on traffic and buy traffic packets; 100 directional flow cards 100G per year; In this way, the budget of server+broadband+IoT network card is about 30000 yuan/year. If the budget is sufficient, you can buy more traffic packages and increase the hard disk. After a period of trial operation, check the traffic, bandwidth and hard disk usage, and then add or subtract configurations. This will be more reasonable.

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