What kinds of law enforcement recorders are there? How to choose?

2022-09-26 16:16 Duniot Factory
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Hello, today we will talk about the law enforcement recorder. The law enforcement recorder is a combination of digital camera, digital camera, group intercom and positioning functions. It can digitally record the dynamic and static scene conditions, so as to facilitate evidence collection in various scenes. I took a few to give you a brief introduction.

There are three types in the market:

The stand-alone law enforcement recorder has simple functions. Like the dash cam, it mainly records audio and video to the host computer, and later generates several statuses, such as those with WiFi, which can be viewed with mobile phones; GPS can record the location information to the host computer and then import it into the computer to see the track. The stand-alone version is mainly made of domestic chips, such as Jerry, Lianyong (Taiwan, China), etc

4G law enforcement recorder, which is generally equipped with a visual command and dispatching platform, can be used for audio and video retrieval, group intercom, positioning, cloud storage, linkage alarm and other functions, and the use scenarios are more abundant; The 4G version is dominated by Qualcomm, MediaTek and Anba. This is Anba H22. The bottom layer is the Linux system, so the optional platform software is limited, but the price of the other two chips is slightly lower first; This model is the eight core of MediaTek, and the bottom layer is the Android system, so the software expansion is more abundant; This is Qualcomm's, and the bottom layer is also Android; In addition, anba and Qualcomm belong to American chips, and MediaTek is a chip from Taiwan, China. Due to the tension between countries in recent years, many domestic projects have begun to exclude Qualcomm chips.

With the rapid development of 5G, the law enforcement recorder has also entered the 5G era. This is the 5G law enforcement recorder of MediaTek, which supports H.265 and has a higher video compression ratio to reduce bandwidth pressure.

There is also a special version, the intrinsically safe explosion-proof law enforcement recorder, which is suitable for petroleum, petrochemical and fire fighting, and is used in flammable and explosive scenes

So how should we choose?

The law enforcement recorder mainly focuses on video recording. The first thing to see is the lens. The resolution of 1080P is enough. What is 2K   4K? It is not the power supply. If you use the platform, you will have to sell several kidneys for traffic charges; In addition, the angle depends on the actual needs. The larger the angle, the greater the distortion, mainly depending on the requirements of the use scenario; What should be noted here is that when we look at pixels, we should ask what the pixels of lens components are, rather than photographic pixels. Many of them intentionally write them as photographic resolution or pixels, which is only 2 million. They use software to expand the picture to 5 million. Some even use software to deliberately expand the components that only support 720P resolution to 1080P, so as to deceive consumers with low prices.

Second, look at the shell. The three proof IP68 can prevent heavy rain, rainstorm or falling into the water. The law enforcement instrument can be scrapped directly, and it is also resistant to falling and making. The texture and feel are better, and the price is also slightly higher.

If you choose 4G/5G, you must also choose a simple and easy to use visual command and dispatching platform. I mentioned a video about the dispatching platform earlier, and you can watch it if you are interested.

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