What is the AI wireless image transmission and visual command and dispatching platform?

2022-09-26 16:24 Duniot Factory
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Today, I would like to introduce the visual command and dispatching platform, which is compiled according to the public security industry standard GAT 947. It supports 28181, ONVIF, RTMP, facial license plate recognition, C/S client, and B/SWEB terminal. Its functions mainly include five parts: real-time audio and video, group intercom, positioning, WeChat like instant communication tools, and all data server side archiving for future reference. With the platform, the terminal can well solve the industry pain points, improve work efficiency and conduct effective management.


Our visual command and dispatching platform, the modular SDK package, has been packaged. Select the functional modules you need to quickly integrate with your existing platform, support the privatization deployment of WAN, LAN, and private network, and select our terminals for free use, technical support, and teaching package. Because the platform has many functions, you can inform you of the use scenarios and come up with corresponding solutions if necessary.

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