How is the mold processed?

2022-09-26 16:27 Duniot Factory
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Today, let's talk about how the mold is processed? To know that an excellent product cannot be born without a good mold, today I will take you to have a brief understanding of the mold processing process,let go!

This is the steel we need to make the mold

Then get to the machine floor and drill the required hole position

Then CNC soldering out the required shape and completing quenching, hardening, grinding and other processes

Finally, the mold embryo and mold core can be obtained by refining and correcting the position that cannot be burned by sparking!

This is just the beginning. The next step is to match the mold. The corresponding back mold should be prepared according to the front mold, and then the mold should be closed and tested,

In the process of mold testing, the master needs to lift the mold with a crane, move it to the injection molding machine, and then install it for testing. If there is a problem, the master needs to remove it and lift it to the machine platform to repair the mold. It is not completed until the mold test is successful again and again. This is just one part of the mold of the product.

The following is an example of how the lower shell material is brewed. The three shell material must use this two-color injection molding machine

First of all, press so many copper nuts onto the mold one by one, and then put the alloy bracket on it. After the hard rubber is poured, the two-color injection molding machine will automatically rotate once and then the soft rubber is poured. The integrated molding is also because the steps are too long and the shell is scrapped due to problems in one link, so this is one of the reasons why the three prevention products are expensive. However, this shell material has a high waterproof grade, and is resistant to falling and manufacturing, so it is favored by many customers!

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