Solution of 4G visual audio and video dispatching command system for railway

2022-09-26 16:46 Duniot Factory
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1、 Industry background

With the rapid growth of the national economy, railway transportation has developed rapidly and has become one of the important public infrastructures for economic development. However, the management mode and means of the traditional railway are single and the information means are insufficient, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects: the on-site operation cannot be monitored in real time, the management personnel cannot know the situation of the on-site operation, and the on-site situation can only be handled by the on-site operators themselves; There is no information management for materials and equipment, and a large number of equipment inspections are managed manually, which is very inefficient; The number of professional maps applicable to the railway is lacking, and the mileage marks, stations, culverts, bridges, tunnels, turnouts and annunciators of the railway cannot be accurately marked on the map; The lack of process data support and management makes it impossible to use intelligent decision-making aids. Therefore, with the increase of railway mileage, the railway task is heavy. How to strengthen the management of the operation process, operation site, equipment and equipment, and personnel, and how to improve the safety of railway construction/patrol inspection has become an urgent problem for the railway management department. In order to ensure the railway department to quickly handle various emergencies, accelerate the deployment of emergency dispatching, and maintain the normal operation along the railway, modern communication tools and information systems must be equipped for the railway.

2、 Construction basis

According to the Technical Requirements for Information Transmission, Exchange and Control of Security Video Monitoring Network System (GB/T28181-2011), Technical Requirements for Digital Video and Audio Coding of Security Monitoring (GB/T25724-2010) (namely SVAC standard), Opinions on Further Strengthening the Application of Video Image Information in Public Security Organs (MP-GTTZ [2015] No. 4) Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of the Social Security Prevention and Control System (issued on April 13, 2015), Task Statement on Video Image Information Integration and Sharing of National Public Security Organs (GKX [2012] No. 11), Technical Code for Security and Prevention Engineering (GB 50348-2004), etc.

For example, in the event of an emergency in the security process, the relevant parts urgently need a portable audio and video capture device, which can be transmitted through 4G/wifi wireless network on the site, eliminating the tedious operations such as wiring transmission and wiring power supply. Provide convenient operation and high-quality monitoring effect display for relevant departments. The characteristics of real-time wireless transmission can ensure that the communication between the security scene and the command center is unblocked, so that leaders can timely control the situation of emergencies, command and dispatch police forces, and analyze cases/events. Valuable videos, pictures and clues can be uploaded and saved to the video gallery with one click, and can be shared/event resources through permission control.

3、 Construction objectives

Build a 4G intelligent mobile individual soldier integrated management platform to realize the 4G wireless image transmission function of law enforcement personnel on site; The video and audio are recorded on site, and the recorded data are uploaded to the local through wireless to achieve the functions of storage, video retrieval and playback, video real-time monitoring and voice guidance.

1) Real time positioning: realize wireless real-time positioning;

2) Real time image transmission: the management platform and law enforcement personnel conduct real-time video transmission and voice intercom.

3) Timeliness: improve the timeliness of operators' inspection and operation guidance through network video monitoring. On the one hand, the network real-time monitoring has a complementary effect on the patrol work of the unit; On the other hand, when an accident occurs, leaders can react in a timely manner, monitor the front-end scene and communicate with front-line law enforcement personnel through the large screen.

4、 System deployment architecture diagram

The remote transmission function of 4G wireless transmission system greatly improves our ability to control and quickly guide the on-site conditions.

5、 Product introduction

This product integrates production scheduling, monitoring and monitoring, and emergency response through the three prevention hand-held intelligent terminal carried by the on-site construction personnel, integrating the platform's functions of "audio and video real-time transmission, electronic fence, patrol plan, intercom protection, operation plan management, recording and playback, image upload, and equipment management" to achieve information integration and sharing integrated application of intercom, telephone, video, information, conference, and scheduling, Give full play to the functions of on-site monitoring, emergency response command and teleconference, and improve the railway safety production scheduling and emergency command capabilities.

Figure 1: Product Diagram

The product can be used to control personnel information, operation information, patrol situation, patrol line, patrol log and other situations in real time, and can also be used to delimit the electronic fence in combination with various business logics of the railway, supplemented by a dedicated railway line map, providing strong support for the digital and information management of railway dispatching, patrol, operation plan, communication and emergency management.

Taking patrol inspection as an example, this paper introduces the working principle of the system: by installing NFC electronic tags or two-dimensional codes on railway facilities, the patrol inspectors inspect the facilities according to the acquired facility information and the guidance of patrol inspection contents after scanning the codes through the intercom terminal, and then feed back the patrol inspection results (text, photography, video recording, etc.) to the command center after the completion of the patrol inspection. The system management platform automatically archives and saves the above data, and automatically makes statistics and analysis, providing two kinds of reports, namely, the statistics of patrol inspection in place and the work of railway facilities. In combination with GIS map and electronic account of railway facilities, the whole process management of railway facilities from new construction to daily operation, maintenance to abolition can be realized.

Figure 2: Schematic Diagram of Patrol Inspection Function

(1) Product system composition

This system is a comprehensive railway information solution based on the guiding ideology of "safe production scheduling and efficient emergency command", and realizes communication, scheduling, patrol, emergency command and other functions. It is mainly composed of visual dispatching management platform, three proofing handheld terminal, background data server, Internet of Things accessories (such as Bluetooth lock, tool chip, patrol positioning label, etc.) and related network security components.

Figure 3: System architecture diagram

(2) Main features of the product

The product takes wireless communication technology as the core, integrates global positioning technology, POC intercom communication technology, GIS technology, and combines the operation business process of the railway system itself to achieve the control of the whole process of railway operation, including on-site scheduling, communication, on-site monitoring, patrol inspection, operation control, etc.

Compared with other systems, this scheme has the following advantages:

The terminal supports GPS/Beidou and precise positioning (centimeter positioning is optional)

The terminal has its own relay function and supports wide area interconnection (optional).

The platform supports the whole network real-time recording (public network intercom, telephone)

Two way confirmation of platform support construction and protection

Platform intelligent hierarchical alarm, providing big data analysis and comparison function

The platform is fully deployed locally and isolated from the public network with high security

The professional railway GIS data, rather than Baidu, Google and Gaode online maps, provides platform level interfaces for users to call. User defined interfaces are also provided.

(3) Platform software:

Including server software, computer client software, Apple and Android mobile phone client software, video playback analysis software, background data management software;

1. Client software interface

2. Platform Function Description

Platform architecture and functions

The dispatching platform is the core component of the system, which adopts the C/S mode architecture, uses mainstream databases, and relies on components to achieve video monitoring and video playback. The design of platform software has the basic network management requirements of practicability, compatibility, scalability, reliability, etc. Mainly combined with the handheld terminal, it can realize the automatic analysis and early warning of the work site monitoring, operator scheduling, patrol inspection plan and patrol inspection results, management and progress tracking of the work plan, management of the work tools, etc. The main functions are as follows:

Information management: organization management, department management, personnel management, role management, permission management, and equipment management;

Real time monitoring: real-time video browsing of front-end security personnel with individual terminals can be enabled at any time in the background, which supports simultaneous browsing of multiple images, personnel location information, equipment status, GPS map display, etc;

The platform supports multi window display function, and supports 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 22, 25, 32, 64, 100 screen display modes; Support adaptive, full window, 16:9, 4:3, full screen and other display modes.

◆ GIS electronic map: It supports the display of mainstream maps such as Google, MapInfo, and can be displayed on multiple terminals at will. While focusing on the location information of personnel, it can also monitor the key personnel videos in real time.

◆ Video playback: including GPS historical track download and playback, equipment video download and playback, etc;

Effect picture of track playback

◆ Electronic fence

An electronic fence is set on the platform for one or more work areas, which can realize the access alarm of personnel attendance management, and the attendance recorder can view or export the list at any time.

One button SOS alarm, establish audio and video connection

In case of emergency, the front-end security personnel can trigger the SOS button, and the platform can receive the alarm prompt. If not in the preview state, the real-time video window can be set to automatically pop up.

◆ Electronic fence

An electronic fence is set on the platform for one or more work areas, which can realize the access alarm of personnel attendance management, and the attendance recorder can view or export the list at any time.

◆ Cluster intercom dispatching and voice intercom:

The monitoring center realizes voice intercommunication with the front-end law enforcement instrument through the client monitoring software to facilitate unified command and dispatching. Support group intercom and temporary group;

◆ Text message:

The leaders of the monitoring center can send text messages through the platform, and can choose to operate on multiple terminals. The staff can receive information prompts.

◆ Platform docking:

The 4G intelligent mobile individual 4G visual dispatching and command platform provides B/S, c/s, and mobile terminal equipment access to the SDK to meet users' platform integration needs.

Patrol management: patrol supervision, patrol plan management, patrol point management, patrol inspection implementation, equipment patrol (expiration prompt, missing inspection alarm), patrol point in place, patrol statistics and analysis, etc

Operation plan management: plan management, operation steps, operation process, operation judgment, operation evaluation, operation statistics and analysis, etc.

Electronic address book: company electronic address book, background management, automatic synchronization and centralized communication.

Gate management: door opening record, prompt for not closing the door, remote unlocking, etc

Big data analysis: analysis and comparison of online operators, analysis and comparison of tools and materials in and out, analysis of safety production situation (various alarms, violation analysis, number of online operators), by sector, by type, by time (year, month, day) year-on-year and month on month comparisons

3. Professional railway GIS data and user-defined map layers

The existing railway system basically uses general map data, such as Baidu, Gaode, Google Maps, etc. These maps are not for the use of the railway industry and cannot display accurate railway mileage markers. In order to map the precise longitude and latitude information along the railway line to achieve high-precision position display, professional railway map route data shall be used, and relevant auxiliary facilities in the station shall be marked, such as mileage marker, station, culvert, bridge, tunnel, turnout and annunciator. At the same time, in order to ensure the real-time map, the system also provides a user-defined interface, allowing users to manually modify map data.

(4) Front end handheld terminal

The three proofing handheld terminal used in the front end is a special terminal customized and developed for the needs of railway business. It is safe, reliable and easy to operate. The terminal has the functions of integrated communication, remote intercom, remote monitoring, camera shooting, positioning, patrol inspection, unlocking, etc. The terminal is based on 4G wireless communication network, which can realize remote intercom from terminal to terminal, remote scheduling, image retrieval, job site monitoring, etc. In addition, the terminal also supports GPS/Beidou and other global positioning systems, enabling personnel positioning and track recording, real-time recording of inspection process, and real-time evaluation and reminder of inspection results. Terminal functions can be divided into the following categories:

Real time communication function, including remote intercom (within the group), telephone, SMS, real-time video, group IM communication;

Patrol inspection: patrol positioning, patrol sign in, and remind operators of relevant business tips through voice broadcast;

Operation management, including operation reminder, operation steps, operation process, operation judgment, operation evaluation, etc;

Remote monitoring: remote video monitoring, remote intercom of dispatching console, picture upload, video return, etc;

Code scanning, Bluetooth, NFC identification and ID card identification meet the requirements of patrol inspection, remote unlocking, warehousing of tools and equipment, and equipment patrol inspection.

Map function: track recording, position positioning of team members, automatic sign in, etc

1. Introduction to front-end equipment functions

Hisense BC310

The portable and ultra-thin 4G image transmission law enforcement recorder adopts a super portable 4G image transmission work recorder, which can transmit the images of the operation and line finding site back to the monitoring center in real time without distance limitation. It supports two-way voice, and can issue the operation order in real time.

In addition, support equipment to actively call the command center, directly locate the location and initiate dialogue.

Key description

Power on key: press and hold to execute the power on/off operation; Press briefly to turn off and turn on the screen when the machine is turned on.

Recording key: enter the mpu and press briefly to start or stop recording.

Photo key: enter the mpu and press briefly to take a photo.

Record key: enter the mpu and press briefly to record.

Intercom key: used as PTT button to speak in multi-party voice conference calls

major function

3G/4G real-time image transmission

Local video

Intercom and group call

GPS/Beidou Positioning

HD photo capture and upload

PPT cluster call

One button alarm SOS

Remote monitoring (remote setting, remote capture, remote video recording, remote positioning, remote intercom of dispatching console)

6、 Target market positioning

The product can be applied in multiple scenarios of vehicle depot, locomotive depot, track depot, electrical depot, power supply depot and other types of work.

1. Depot

The operation management of daily vehicle maintenance and inspection is realized for the depot. During the inspection, the inspectors scan the code/take photos/videos of the key parts of the vehicle through the terminal, and send them back to the dispatching desk to facilitate the monitoring of the inspection by the dispatching platform. In case of problems, it is convenient to trace back the problems.

2. Locomotive depot

The locomotive depot can complete locomotive maintenance (maintenance personnel, maintenance parts, status, maintenance date, audit), personnel attendance and train alarm through this product.

3. Track maintenance section

For the daily operation management of the track maintenance section, flood control sign in, additional patrol point sign in, patrol supervision, machine management, operation plan supervision, equipment patrol inspection (expiration prompt, missing inspection alarm), gate management (opening record, not closing prompt), online protection joint control, emergency plan, material management (tools management), poc communication functions can be realized.

4. Electric service section and power supply section

It can meet the requirements of planning supervision, equipment patrol inspection, machine and tool management, gate management, route navigation (navigation map issuance, mobile terminal navigation), online protection joint control, emergency plan, material management, etc.

5. Use by decision-makers/regulators

The product provides decision-makers with big data analysis function, providing data support for refined management. By integrating the data of the safety production supervision link (such as various alarms, violation analysis, number of online operators, etc.), it is presented by sector, type, time (year, month, day), year on year, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month, month on month on month, month on.

7、 System deployment

Preparation instructions for server installation requirements

Server hardware:

Public IP:

The server needs a fixed public IP address (such as

Bandwidth requirements:

In order to achieve better use effect, it is recommended to use optical fiber access server; There are 12 law enforcement terminal devices in this project, so the public network bandwidth needs more than 100M optical fiber (for reference)

Open port required

6601 to 6612, 80, 88, 8080, 8088

8、 After sales service and commitment

According to the user's requirements, ensure the smooth implementation of the entire project, including preliminary design, equipment ordering, transportation, installation, commissioning and testing, to meet the user's technical specifications. The perfect service depends on advanced technology, experienced engineers and sufficient spare parts storage, which is the concentrated embodiment of the company's strong engineering project strength.

For the high-quality operation of 4G mobile individual system, our company is willing to provide high-quality services for the whole system, and hereby makes the following commitments:

1. Product quality assurance and warranty period

Ensure that the supplied goods are brand new and unused, and are made of first-class technology and best materials, and fully comply with the quality, specification and performance specified in the bidding requirements.

The equipment shall be provided with a free warranty period of one year from the date of acceptance. During this period, all hardware and software failures or unqualified parts of the equipment due to quality problems shall be promptly handled by our company free of charge.

2. Service mode

a. Provision 7 × 24-hour hotline support to answer the questions that always arise during the use of the device;

b. Provide remote technical support by e-mail, discussion group, document download, etc;

C. On site service: on-site service;

3. Service content and response time

A. All expenses (including replacement of any equipment) arising from system failure during the warranty period shall be borne by us.

B. Our company will provide long-term tracking maintenance and technical support for the provided equipment. Software upgrading service is provided free of charge, and hardware upgrading service is only charged for cost. Project archives are established according to ISO9001 quality management system to record project implementation, use, maintenance and troubleshooting in detail.

C. To ensure the normal operation of system equipment, our company provides 7 × 24-hour hotline service response to answer any questions that arise during the use of the device.

4. Service after expiration of warranty period

Our company carries out lifetime warranty for the equipment provided. After the warranty period of the equipment, our company will still provide lifelong warranty service, and the service content will remain unchanged (only the cost of materials and necessary labor costs will be charged).

5. Upgrade scheme and support services

A. When our application software has an upgraded version, we will notify your company in time and provide free upgrade services;

B. When the hardware equipment of the system has updated products, our company will timely notify users to provide new product information and solutions.

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