What are the requirements for a qualified explosion-proof mobile phone

2023-05-26 16:33
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With the rapid development of science and technology, people are increasingly relying on electronic products, and mobile phones have become an indispensable part.
In many industries such as oil, natural gas, chemical, and military, people need to use explosion-proof mobile phones to ensure production and work safety.
So, what are the requirements for a qualified explosion-proof mobile phone?

1. Explosion proof certificate

Explosion proof mobile phones must comply with national standards and industry requirements.
These standards and requirements include various aspects of explosion-proof mobile phones, such as shell material, protection level, battery power, etc.
Explosion-proof mobile phones must undergo professional testing and certification by certification agencies in order to obtain certificates of conformity and other related certifications to ensure their quality and safety.

2. IP68 level protection

Explosion proof mobile phones require functions such as waterproof, dustproof, and fall protection.
These functions are particularly important for industries with relatively poor working environments.
For example, on oil drilling platforms, factors such as seawater, oil, and dust can affect equipment.
If a mobile phone cannot effectively protect against the erosion of these elements, it will reduce its lifespan and even pose safety risks.

3. Communication positioning

Explosion proof mobile phones also require effective communication and positioning functions.
In emergency situations, staff need to be able to quickly contact relevant personnel and determine their location for rescue or coordination.
Therefore, explosion-proof mobile phones need to be equipped with a highly sensitive GPS positioning system and a clear voice communication system.

The duniot F8 smart explosion-proof phone is equipped with an 8-core high-speed processor and an Android operating system;
6.0 inch high-definition touch screen;
5180mAh large battery;
4G all network communication/WIFI wireless communication, Beidou/GPS dual mode positioning, NFC function, alarm and other modules;
POC public network intercom (group call/single call/one-on-one), one click PPT physical intercom, SOS one click emergency call, fingerprint unlocking, and other functions.
Equipped with IP68 grade waterproof, dustproof, and anti drop;
Adopting intrinsically safe explosion-proof technology, the explosion-proof label: Ex ib IC T4 Gb can be widely used in flammable and explosive fields such as chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, refineries, natural gas stations, oil fields, ships, gas stations, etc.

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