What is the Internet of Things card?

2022-09-26 18:27 Duniot Factory
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There is no doubt that when talking about the Internet of Things, we should first talk about the Internet of Things card

The IoT network card is an Internet based on the information content sensing technology machines and equipment such as radio frequency identification technology (RFID), infrared sensors, satellite navigation systems, laser code scanners, etc. According to the promised agreement, all objects are connected to the Internet technology to carry out information content exchange and communication, so as to maintain intelligent system resolution, accurate positioning, tracking, monitoring and management methods. With the intelligent products (mobile terminals, vehicle cutting machines, etc.) in a certain kind of scenario, people, things (resources) and service projects can be connected according to the communication transmission Internet, thus maintaining a certain kind of special requirements efficiently. It is the mobile communication technology connection business process presented by the operator to the customers of the Internet of Things according to the public cultural service Internet of the Internet of Things. The three operators select the code segment of the special model of the Internet of Things, and show the customer's independent communication connection management method and terminal equipment management method and other intelligent connection services according to the Internet of Things special network.

In fact, it means that one piece of card is used to create data information so that the network server can connect and obtain data information. For example, Mobie means the narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IOT). The card is generally divided into omnidirectional card and fixed term card. The omnidirectional card means that you can browse all computer browsers, APPs, etc. with the total traffic, The fixed item card means that you can only browse the promised fixed fixed APP or a certain secure channel. Other methods cannot be connected temporarily, and I know that the IoT network card cannot be connected by phone.

application area

It is widely used in mobile cultural media, monitors and detection, health care, Internet of Vehicles platforms, intelligent wearable devices, intelligent watches, wireless network POS machines and many other industries, especially in areas where the cable TV Internet and its wireless network, WIFI Internet, cannot be covered, so it must give full play to the Internet of Things card.


There is no unified pricing on the price level. This has to be discussed according to specific needs. It is only about, but it is divided into several categories

The content of the free time traffic package (23:00-7:00): renting bus TV, electronic advertising screen and other scenarios that require large total traffic and can limit transmission time. The rate is 40 yuan/month, and the total traffic in the package is 5GB

Small and medium-sized traffic package: It is mainly used for small and medium-sized total traffic customers such as water meter, car cutting front clothes, intelligent wear, etc., and can be used to transmit data and browse Internet technology. The tariff is 1 yuan/month to 208 yuan/month, including the total flow of 2MB/month to 11GB/month

Large traffic package: large total traffic application fields, such as video monitoring system and instant transmission, cannot browse Internet technology, but can only browse specific APN. The tariff is 460 yuan/month to 6500 yuan/month, including the total traffic of 20GB/month to 500GB/month, and the total traffic outside the package is 20 yuan/GB.

Purchase method

For the purchase of a large number of IoT network cards of the company, it is proposed to go to the three major operators to purchase them; Individual customers or I can find regional agents to purchase. Although the official mobile website has written that I can go to the business outlets to purchase, I went to the business outlets to ask for basic information and no one asked you to apply.

Generally, regional agents integrate the resources of the three major businesses, and then they are assigned with the intelligent management system of the Internet of Things card, with their own total flow pool, which allows you to apply for cards at will. They also allow you to open the first level agent platform, and so on. You can also control your own customers.

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