What are the functions of industrial tablets?


Industrial tablet computers are the touch-screen all-in-one computers often referred to on industrial computers. All mechanical equipment has sound characteristics and has the characteristics of commercial notebooks commonly sold in the market. The difference depends on the internal system settings. Most of the goods selected for industrial production are industrial motherboards. The difference between its interface and commercial motherboards depends on non-mass production and product specifications are stable. It can also be seen that the price of industrial motherboards is also higher than that of commercial motherboards, in addition to the RISC architecture. The requirements for industrial production are very simple and single, and the characteristics are not high, but the efficiency is very good.

As the characteristics of commercial machines are getting better and better, many industrial productions have already started to choose direct costs for commercial machines on the spot, and the sales market of commercial machines has also led to great changes. Everyone initially focused on more personalized touches. Touch the tablet. Therefore, on the spot in industrial production, the touch panel will be the future development trend. The industrial production touch panel is a kind of industrial automation touch all-in-one machine. Its advantages are

1. Most of the front panel of industrial production touch panel is made of industrial production raw materials, and the front panel ensures the NEMAIP68 waterproof level. It is firm, long-term and durable, and the total weight is relatively light.

2. The volume of the industrial production touch panel is small, and the installation and maintenance are very simple.

3. The product design is unique and widely used.

4. According to the CPU architecture, it is divided into X86 architecture (not much different from ordinary microcomputers, with Windows system core) and ARM architecture (with Microsoft's embedded system WinCE key, naturally all Android, linux system software).

5. The industrial production touch panel is an all-in-one machine. The cloud server, liquid crystal display, and touch display are integrated, and the efficiency is better.

6. Choose a more fashionable touch function, which can simplify work, reduce costs and be more personalized.

7. The majority of industrial production touch panels use design solutions without cooling fans, using large-scale fin-shaped aluminum heat pipe radiators, which have lower power and lower noise.

What are the application areas of industrial tablet computers? What kind of machinery manufacturing industry uses industrial tablet computers as much as possible?

Industrial production can be placed in mechanical equipment, server cabinets or placed in the soil of the operation process on the spot, and use the industrial tablet computer as a man-machine battle display information operation panel.

It is used in various processing and manufacturing industries such as telecommunications network, power installation engineering, multimedia systems, national defense and security, automated machinery, and machining industries. It is used as industrial touch screen, app mobile client, PLC and POS and other communication and manipulation mobile intelligent terminals. Try to use industrial tablet computers.

Financial institutions, department stores, hotel rooms, bus stations, buses, subways, ecological parks and other public places are used as news media (advertising slogans) players or search mobile smart terminals to use industrial tablet computers as much as possible.

High-end residential quarters are used as mobile smart terminals for Yuesao, maintaining visual intercom systems, message board messages, spending searches, product purchases, electrical product management systems, temperature and humidity control, etc. All try to use industrial tablet computers.

Available standards for industrial tablet computers: Industrial tablet computers are more common in the machinery manufacturing industry with special specifications and models. They are not standardized goods, so there are compatibility issues between system software. In addition, the goods meet the customers' unusual requirements for the office environment as much as possible, such as temperature (humidity), moisture (dust) resistance, voltage regulator tube system software, continuous power system software requirements, etc. to carry out unusual design solutions, Therefore, manufacturers have as much as possible the professional skills of very new product development, production and processing, testing, promotion and marketing, and system software integration, and have a certain threshold of professional ability.

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