Are current smart phones explosion-proof?

2022-09-26 18:26 Duniot Factory
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There is no doubt that ordinary mobile phones are not explosion proof mobile phones. Explosion proof mobile phones are not different from ordinary mobile phones in appearance. The important thing is that they are very different from ordinary mobile phones in terms of raw materials and physical properties. For an ordinary mobile phone, the following factors are the most likely to lead to effective open fire: switching power supply principle short circuit fault or corona discharge, rechargeable battery internal or external short circuit fault, industrial equipment hazards caused by falling or reinstallation, all of which will cause mechanical faults of semiconductor device parts, excessive temperature, tip discharge, etc.

Since flammable chemicals are commonly found in the production, manufacturing, storage and transportation and other places of coal, petroleum, chemical enterprises, textile products, grain processing and other processing and manufacturing industries, mobile phones generally become a strong source of safety accidents in such places, and the explosion will cause great damage. Explosion proof mobile phones solve the difficulty of ignition in all aspects. The manufacturer has adopted a variety of explosion-proof specialties, such as the principle of intrinsically safe switching power supply, limiting the large working temperature of the enclosure, and using "dust tight" or "stain resistant" enclosures to limit the entry of dust, so as to prevent the ignition of flammable chemicals and promote the operation of explosion-proof mobile phones in the above risky geographical environment. For example, for intrinsically safe explosion-proof mobile phones, it is important to improve the switching power supply principle for maintenance, improve the line spacing of pcb circuit boards, shield and encapsulate electronic components, and use distinctive raw materials to produce and process mobile phone covers, which is a preventive measure to ensure that the internal electronic components of mobile phones can not cause an effective open fire even if the mechanical energy caused by short circuit fault and failure occurs, So as to ensure the safety factor of the user under the geographical environment of inflammable and explosive materials

The three proof mobile phone can also be added with the explosion-proof effect. For example, the industrial production of the three proof mobile phone has the professional ability of IP68, which can prevent 1.5 meters from falling in all directions and prevent 3 meters from falling. In terms of flameproof type, V0 flame-retardant materials and flameproof rechargeable batteries with distinctive treatment are used to ensure that the mechanical energy caused by short circuit failure and failure of electronic components in mobile phones can not cause an effective open fire, so as to ensure the safety factor of users in the geographical environment of flammable and explosive products.

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