What does an industrial tablet mean?

2022-09-26 18:24 Duniot Factory
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The industrial tablet computer is an industrial control system computer specially used in the industrial field. Its basic characteristics and compatibility are no different from those of commercial notebooks. However, the industrial tablet computer pays more attention to its reliability in special natural environments, such as the operation of beverage production line and automobile production line. It operates in extreme natural environments, such as anti pollution, moisture-proof and anti-static. The industrial tablet computer does not specify the maximum efficiency today, but it is required to conform to the regulations of system software and the credibility regulations and operation in the natural environment of industrial production. Otherwise, if the production line encounters a computer jam, it will lead to significant losses. Therefore, the index values specified by the industrial tablet computer must conform to strict standards and scalability.

With the characteristics of commercial machines getting better and better, many industrial production has just started to choose commercial machines with lower cost on the spot, and the sales market of commercial machines has also undergone a great change. People are just beginning to focus on more personalized touch tablets. Therefore, on the spot of industrial production, the tablet with touch function will be the development trend in the future. The industrial production touch tablet is a kind of industrial control computer. Compared with the general industrial control computer, its advantages are as follows.

1. The front plate of industrial production touch panel is mostly formed by die-casting of aluminum magnesium alloy, and the front plate is NEMAIP65 waterproof. It is firm, durable and light in net weight.

2. The volume of industrial production touch panel is small, and the installation and maintenance are very simple.

3. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, and it is widely used.

Industrial tablets are commonly used in the manufacturing industry for exclusive specifications and models, which are not standardized products, so there are compatibility problems between system software. In addition, the products must meet the unique requirements of customers for the office environment, such as temperature (humidity), moisture-proof (dust), voltage stabilizing tube system software, continuous power system software requirements and other unique design schemes and adjustments. Therefore, the production business must have the ability to integrate research and development, manufacturing, testing, marketing and system software, and have a certain technical threshold.

The appearance specification of the industrial tablet computer is between 7 and 19 feet. The Android version of the mobile phone is also the Windows version. There are a variety of different styles, such as sheet metal parts, aluminum alloy profiles, touch display, non touch display, electric fan and non electric fan. It can be installed in several ways, such as embedded, wall mounted, desktop all-in-one, retractable portable, etc. There are also 4:3 square screens and 16:9 wide screens Temperature and humidity recorders, bar code scanners and other different kinds of goods are available for customers to choose. Consider the increasingly diversified commitment requirements of various manufacturing industries.

Unlike general commercial laptops, the industrial tablet computer product series is based on the natural environment characteristics, and has the characteristics of firmness, shock resistance, waterproof, antifouling, heat resistance, multiple expansion slots and easy expansion. It is the best service platform for various industrial control systems, traffic operation, environmental protection operation and other various applications in the automation technology industry.

Industrial tablet computers are commonly used in industrial fields. They must generally operate in a unique natural environment or be started continuously for a long time, such as automated machinery for production lines, data switches in telecommunications rooms, monitoring systems, network information security servo drives of the company, website navigation, etc. They must operate continuously and stably for a long time without stopping, or they will cause significant losses, Therefore, the regulations on the reliability of commonly used computer operating systems are very strict.

The waterproof grade is required to be IP * *. The first is antifouling level, and the second is waterproof level. The maximum antifouling level is 6. The maximum moisture-proof level is 8

The first identification feature number (large number) refers to the safety protection level

0 No safety protection No unique safety protection for external people or objects.

1 Avoid the intrusion of solid objects more than 50mm to avoid the body (such as palm) from touching the parts inside the lighting fixture due to accidents. Avoid the invasion of external factors with large size (diameter more than 50mm).

2 Avoid the intrusion of solid objects larger than 12mm, avoid the touch of human fingers on the internal parts of lighting fixtures, and avoid the intrusion of external factors with medium specifications (12mm in diameter).

3 Avoid the intrusion of solid objects more than 2.5mm, and avoid the intrusion of special tools, cables or similar key points with a diameter or thickness of more than 2.5mm and small external factors to touch the internal parts of the lighting fixture.

4 Avoid the intrusion of solid objects more than 1.0mm to avoid the intrusion of special tools, cables or similar key points with a diameter or thickness of more than 1.0mm and small external factors to touch the internal parts of the lighting fixture.

5 Anti pollution completely avoids the invasion of external factors. Although it cannot completely prevent dust from entering, the amount of dust invaded is not easy to endanger all normal work of lighting fixtures.

6. Anti pollution can completely avoid the invasion of external factors, and can completely avoid dust.

The second identification feature number (large number) refers to the safety protection level

0 has no security protection.

1 Prevent water seepage from invading vertically dripped water drops (such as condensate), which will not easily cause harm to lighting fixtures.

2 Water seepage can still be avoided when the deflection is 15 ° When the lighting fixtures are tilted from vertical to 15 °, water seepage is not easy to cause harm to the lighting fixtures.

3 Prevent the sprayed water from entering the waterproof and rainproof area, or prevent the sprayed water from entering the lighting fixtures at an angle of less than 60 degrees from the vertical.

4 Prevent splashed water from invading and prevent splashed water from all directions from entering the lighting fixtures and causing harm.

5. Avoid the water gushing into the lighting fixtures to avoid hazards caused by the water ejected from the sprinklers in all directions.

6. Avoid the invasion of strong wind and waves, and avoid the damage caused by the erosion of strong wind and waves.

7. Avoid the intrusion of soaking in water. If the lighting fixtures are immersed in water for a certain time or under a certain pressure, they will not be damaged due to water leakage.

8. Avoid the intrusion of sunken ship water. Lighting fixtures can ensure that the sunken ship will not be damaged due to water leakage under specific pressure.

In addition to the left and right two big numbers, there are also two English letters to choose from:

Additional English letters: avoid being close to risk components

A Arm

B Finger

C Special tools

D Wire

Fill in English letters: information content filled by professionals

H High pressure machinery and equipment

M Test piece operation during moisture-proof test

S The test piece is still when conducting moisture-proof test

W Climatic standard

It is not difficult to see that the regulations on industrial tablets are much higher than those on commercial tablets. Another characteristic of industrial tablet computers is that most of them are used together with configuration software to maintain the industrial control system.

Key features of industrial tablets:

1. The industrial production touch panel is the structure of the all-in-one machine, and the server, LCD and touch screen are integrated, with good reliability.

2. The fashionable touch function can simplify the work, save time and effort, and is more personalized.

3. The volume of industrial production touch panel is small, and the installation and maintenance are very simple.

4. Most industrial production touch panels use fan free design scheme. Large scale fin shaped aluminum heat pipes are used to dissipate heat, with less power and noise.

5. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, and it is widely used.

In fact, industrial computers and commercial computers have always been closely linked. They all have industries to use, but they are harmful to each other and promote each other, which can best reflect the development of high-tech.

Key Main Uses

1. The industrial production can be placed in the equipment and server cabinet or placed on the actual operation platform on the spot to be used as the human-machine war display information operation panel

2. Application of industrial production tablet computer workbench

3. Application of industrial production tablet computer workbench

4. It is used in telecommunication network, electric power engineering, multimedia system, national defense and security, automatic machinery, processing and manufacturing industries and other industries. LinkedIn is used as industrial touch screen, thin mobile phone client, PLC, POS and other communication and control terminal equipment

5. Intelligent hospital outpatient service as bedroom bed service project terminal equipment and hospital outpatient terminal equipment to improve the hospital outpatient service projects and management capabilities

6. Press media (advertising words) player or terminal device search in public places such as financial institutions, shopping malls, hotel restaurants, bus stations, buses, subway entrances, ecological parks, etc

7. High end residential quarters are used as housekeeping service terminal equipment, and intercom system, message board message, cost search, goods purchase, electrical product management method, temperature and humidity control are maintained

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