Is the mobile phone an explosion-proof product?


Ordinary mobile phones are definitely not explosion-proof mobile phones. The appearance of explosion-proof mobile phones is no different from ordinary mobile phones. The key is that the raw materials and physical characteristics of the application are quite different from those of ordinary mobile phones. For a general mobile phone, the following are the factors that will most likely cause a reasonable ignition source: short-circuit failure of the power circuit or spark discharge, short-circuit failure inside or outside the rechargeable battery, mechanical equipment caused by falling or reinstallation Damage, all common failures of semiconductor material parts, excessive temperature, electrostatic induction, etc. will occur.

Because combustible compounds are commonly found in the manufacturing, production, processing, storage and transportation of coal, crude oil, chemical plants, textiles, grain and oil processing and other manufacturing industries, they become a strong source of safety production accidents on mobile phones in this kind of venue. , If an explosion accident occurs, the damage will be huge. Explosion-proof mobile phones deal with the problem of open flames in many ways. Manufacturers have selected a variety of explosion-proof technologies, such as intrinsically safe power circuits, limiting the maximum ambient temperature of the case, and selecting "dust-tight" or "anti-fouling" cases to limit smoke and dust. Wait until the flammable compounds are ignited, and the explosion-proof mobile phone can be operated safely in the risky natural environment. Such as intrinsically safe explosion-proof mobile phones, the key is to improve the maintenance of the power supply circuit, increase the line spacing of the circuit board, shield and encapsulate the electronic components, and select unique materials to manufacture the mobile phone case. These countermeasures are to ensure the internal electronic components on the mobile phone. Even if the kinetic energy caused by short-circuit failure and invalidation cannot produce a reasonable ignition source, the safety of the user in the natural environment of flammable and explosive materials can be ensured.

The three-proof mobile phone can also be added with the explosion-proof function. For example, the industrial production explosion-proof three-proof mobile phone has the IP68 three-proof work capability, which can be 1.5 meters multi-directional drop resistance and 3 meters moisture resistance. At the explosion-proof level, according to the selection of V0 fireproof materials and the uniquely solved explosion-proof rechargeable battery to ensure that the internal electronic components on the mobile phone can not generate a reasonable ignition source even if the kinetic energy caused by short-circuit failure and invalidation occurs, thereby ensuring that the user is in The safety of flammable and explosive materials in the natural environment.

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