What is the 5000 km national walkie-talkie?


The 5000 kilometers of the 5,000-kilometer walkie-talkie refers to the span length of China. It is also called the national walkie-talkie. In general, it is a network walkie-talkie. The intercom function is realized through software. Different from traditional walkie-talkies, which have distance limitations, public-network walkie-talkies can talk wherever there is a network. It is not limited to China, but it is a global walkie-talkie and also has the function of command and dispatch. Its main functions are as follows

1. Basic elements

The communication function is the most basic function of the SMART-PTT cluster system software, including the following basic elements:

l Stationary group chat

After entering the fixed group chat, the customer can make calls to all the free online customers in the group chat, and can also connect to the calls of ordinary users in the group chat.

l Dynamic group chat creation

Customers can invite one or several free online customers, create dynamic group chats and initiate calls.

l Single call

When a customer invites a customer to create a dynamic group chat, the one-to-one single call intercom system scenario is maintained.

l Customer status display information

On the client, you can see whether each customer in the group chat is online for free, and conduct reasonable voice calls.

l Voice call reminder

In the whole process of the cluster call, the customers participating in the call can receive various information prompts related to the cluster voice call.

l Occupy the call

In the same group chat, when many people initiate a call, under the same call management authority, the caller first gets the right to speak, and other customers become connected.

l Multiple customers

Clients can inquire about the members of several groups, and can enter into several groups to make calls.

l Default group chat

The default group chat is a group chat that customers enter automatically after logging in. Each customer can specify a default group chat.

l Old disconnection and automatic reconnection

When the mobile data network is disconnected due to various reasons, the mobile phone software will check whether the Internet is available. When the Internet is available, the mobile phone software will dial up again.


2. Customer call priority

Customers have call priority. Managers can set and change the call priority of the customer. In the same group chat, when a customer with a low priority is on a call, a customer with a high priority can terminate their call anytime and anywhere , And initiate a call.

3. Audio review

Customers can check the speech records of each group chat on the PC client mobile phone software, and can review each record, and can check all the communication records in the company in the company management system.

4. Monitoring

The customer can additionally monitor the statements of several groups.

5. Authentication and data encryption

When the PTT mobile client logs in, the SHA1Mac optimized algorithm is used to authenticate the customer.

When transmitting secret data, the SHA1 and DES optimization algorithms are selected to encrypt the data information.

6. Customer role setting

Managers can dynamically upgrade or revoke a client’s program modules, and managers can set the client’s program modules to include:

*Friends directory;

*Create dynamic group chat;

*Group chat conversion;


*Change customer name;

*Query group chat audio;

* Write group chats.

7. Five-level management system

The management system is divided into five levels of management methods: operator management system, agent management service platform, sub-agent management service platform, company management system and company 2-level management system.

8. Intelligent dispatching station

Provide data visualization production scheduling mobile phone software, production scheduling mobile phone software shows a variety of functions such as forced insertion, forced dismantling, remote killing, forced pulling, and monitoring. The topographical map displays the information content of the information client's location and marks the call client logo.


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