The difference between 4g body camera and stand-alone body camera


The offline body worn camera, as its name implies, is not connected to the network. Video and picture files can only be stored in the machine, and then the files are copied to the computer hard disk for storage through the data cable. This method is not conducive to the system management of the files, in order to facilitate After the management, there is a collection station, which can charge multiple units together, import and export files, and classify files, as shown in the following figure:

But as more people's needs are met, manufacturers have introduced 4G body worn camera, which can realize functions such as group intercom, group call, individual, group call, track playback, real-time positioning, real-time video, electronic fence, patrol, etc. With these functions, there will generally be a computer-side command and dispatch platform, as shown in the following figure:

The choice of body worn camera still depends on your needs. If you are using an environment where the signal is poor and the storage capacity is not large, such as mountainous areas, you can consider buying a offline body worn camera and manually perform computer backups on a regular basis. If your usage scenario requires real-time command and dispatch and system management of the overall file, choose the 4G version for functions such as automatic backup.

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