What is an explosion-proof mobile phone?


1. Application scenarios of explosion-proof mobile phones

Explosion-proof mobile phones are mobile phones that can be used in natural environments such as flammability, flammability, explosion, smoke and dust. Explosion-proof mobile phones are accompanied by the Ex explosion-proof certification mark, indicating that the product has been verified by the National Explosion-proof Testing Center and can be used in special flammable vapors in natural environments, suitable for flammable and explosive sites such as petroleum industry, chemical plants, and natural gas.

2. Basic principles of explosion-proof mobile phones

In general mobile phone applications, due to high-frequency radio waves, will cause frequent spark discharge, friction will cause friction spark discharge, the ignition of the machine and equipment itself, and the explosion of the rechargeable battery itself, and other risk sources, and turn into an open flame. Because combustible compounds are common in the manufacturing, production, processing, storage and transportation of coal, petroleum industry, chemical plants, textiles, grain and oil processing and other manufacturing industries, mobile phones generally become a strong source of safety production accidents in such sites. , If an explosion accident occurs, the damage will be huge;

Explosion-proof mobile phones deal with the problem of open flames in many ways. The appearance design of explosion-proof mobile phones and general mobile phones is no different, but the raw materials and physical characteristics of the application are quite different from the general models. Generally, V0 flame retardant fireproof materials are used . Manufacturers have selected a variety of explosion-proof technologies, such as intrinsically safe power circuits, limiting the maximum ambient temperature of the enclosure, and selecting "dust-tight" or "anti-fouling" enclosures to limit the entry of smoke and dust, etc., to avoid the introduction of flammable compounds Ignite, and promote the safe operation of explosion-proof mobile phones in the risky natural environment.

3. How to choose explosion-proof mobile phones

The company must master how to choose the explosion-proof mobile phone suitable for its own company. When choosing an explosion-proof mobile phone, it is first necessary to clarify that there are several types of flammable chemical substances in the natural environment, and then to carry out zoning of risky sites according to the difference of vapor or dust.

1 Flammable chemical substances are divided into III categories:

Class I: coal mine methane gas; Class II: combustible vapor compounds (including steam and mist); Class III: combustible smoke and dust (chemical fibers or floating floc).

2 Definition of risk site

It is a measure of the probability of a specific risk in the area, which requires its available explosion-proof type. Below is the classification of risk areas of the International Electrotechnical Commission/European Electrotechnical Commission

Zone 0 (Zone0): Flammable and explosive vapors exist all the time or for a long time; the area where there are continuous risk factors for more than 1000 hours per year;

Zone 1 (Zone1): combustible gas will be generated or stored in the entire process of the legitimacy of the instrument panel; the area where there are intermittent risk factors for 10 to 1000 hours per year;

Zone 2 (Zone2): Under normal circumstances, there is no flammable gas and even if it is sometimes generated, its existence time is very short; in the case of safety accidents, there are risk factors of 0.1-10 hours/year;

3 temperature class

It is the maximum ambient temperature of electrical equipment related to the ignition temperature of the vapor (assuming the working temperature is 40°C). The ignition kinetic energy is not related to the ignition temperature. All flammable vapors and their grades are listed in the first part of the specification BS5345.

Category I: electrical equipment for coal mines and coal mines;

Class II: All other flammable gas natural environment electrical equipment except coal mines and coal mines.

Class Ⅱ can be divided into ⅡA, ⅡB, and ⅡC. Machines and equipment marked with ⅡB can be applied to the application standards of ⅡA machinery and equipment; and ⅡC can be applied to the application standards of ⅡA and ⅡB.

Class III: Natural environment electrical equipment with combustible smoke and dust except coal mine.

Class ⅢA: flammable flocculent; Class ⅢB: non-conductive dust; Class ⅢC: conductive dust.

Maximum ambient temperature: When electrical equipment is working under the worst operating standard within the required range, the maximum temperature of all components of electrical equipment that will cause the surrounding flammable natural environment to ignite. The maximum ambient temperature should be less than the flammable temperature.

For example: the ignition temperature of the flammable vapor in the natural environment of the explosion-proof controller is 100℃, then the maximum ambient temperature of all its components should be less than 100℃ under the most extreme working attitude of the controller.

Temperature class

Electrical equipment for flammable natural environments is classified as T1-T6 according to its maximum ambient temperature







450 ℃

300 ℃


135 ℃

100 ℃


In summary, the company can select explosion-proof mobile phones that match the explosion-proof level according to its own conditions.

Four, common problems of explosion-proof mobile phone applications

(1) When purchasing a new explosion-proof mobile phone, it is necessary to determine whether the content of the explosion-proof mark is consistent with the regulations, whether the type and specifications of the explosion-proof rechargeable battery (removable rechargeable battery) are consistent with the battery model on the shell label sticker, and whether each socket is glued Whether the seal is damaged or deformed, is it possible to seal the socket reasonably;

(2) If explosion-proof mobile phones are physically damaged, they are not allowed to be used in flammable natural environments, otherwise they are likely to cause explosions or fire accidents;

(3) When installing the explosion-proof rechargeable battery, handle it carefully, avoid rolling and collision, otherwise it will endanger the explosion-proof characteristics of the rechargeable battery. Keep the rechargeable battery clearly and detailed; make sure the contact points are cleaned and kept in the warehouse. No dirt, place the rechargeable battery, make sure the sealing ring near the rechargeable battery compartment is leveled in time, and tighten the rechargeable battery cover with screws. Each screw should be well-proportioned, not too loose or too tight. It feels that the rubber ring is reduced by 8 should;

(4) Explosion-proof mobile phones cannot be used in areas exceeding the required explosion-proof level, otherwise it will cause safety production accidents because the explosion-proof level does not meet the requirements;

(5) The explosion-proof mobile phone does not need to be replaced in the natural environment of flammable vapor, otherwise the disassembly will cause an explosion or fire accident due to contact sparks caused by electrostatic induction;

(6) The working temperature of explosion-proof mobile phone application is -20℃~+40℃, and the standard pressure is 80Kpa~110Kpa;

(7) When using explosion-proof mobile phones, the identification and consistency of the label must be maintained. In addition, the consistency of the information content of the device on the mobile phone must be ensured to facilitate the identification of the unique true identity of the device;

(8) Explosion-proof mobile phones do not need to be charged in the natural environment of flammable vapors, but should be charged with the rechargeable battery provided by the manufacturer;

(9) When the explosion-proof mobile phone has common failures, or if it is suspected to be a common failure, it can no longer be used. Contact the manufacturer immediately for maintenance and measurement verification. You do not need to use all methods to disassemble and install the explosion-proof mobile phone, which will change the original hardware of the mobile phone. The design scheme structure makes the explosion-proof type invalid;

(10) Strictly implement the application of the external equipment on the mobile phone to the mechanical equipment of the standard specified in the explosion-proof certificate;

(11) It is not necessary to store explosion-proof mobile phones for a long time in humid, cold and high temperature areas.

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