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Explosion-proof mobile phones are mobile phones that can be used in natural environments such as flammability, flammability, explosion, smoke and dust. Explosion-proof mobile phones are accompanied by
Ordinary mobile phones are definitely not explosion-proof mobile phones. The appearance of explosion-proof mobile phones...
In some unusual places with combustible gas, preventing the leakage of combustibles and avoiding the cause of rational u...
Mobile phones can be used in explosion-proof areas, but professional explosion-proof mobile phones are requiredAs China ...
There is no doubt that general mobile phones are not explosion-proof mobile phones. The appearance of explosion-proof mo...
The niche products of the industry like explosion-proof mobile phones do not need to be entangled in the brand. Unlike c...

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1. The concept of explosion-proof mobile phones

Explosion-proof mobile phones refer to mobile phones that are used in different flammable, explosive, and dusty environments according to different explosion-proof certification levels. Explosion-proof mobile phones are attached with the Ex explosion-proof certification mark, indicating that the product has been certified by the national explosion-proof inspection agency and can be used in a specific explosive gas environment.

Second, the principle of explosion-proof mobile phones

In use, ordinary mobile phones will generate radio frequency electric sparks due to high-frequency electromagnetic waves, friction electric sparks due to friction, sparks from the ignition of the equipment itself, and explosions of the battery itself, which become a source of ignition. Because explosive mixtures are commonly found in the production, processing, storage and transportation of coal, petroleum, chemical, textile, food processing and other industries, ordinary mobile phones have become a very strong source of safety accidents in these places, and if an explosion occurs, it will be extremely harmful;

Explosion-proof mobile phones fundamentally solve the problem of fire sources. The appearance of explosion-proof mobile phones is no different from ordinary mobile phones, but the materials and physical properties used are very different from ordinary models. Manufacturers have adopted a variety of explosion-proof technologies, such as intrinsically safe circuits, limiting the maximum surface temperature of the enclosure, using "dust-tight" or "dust-proof" enclosures to restrict dust entry, etc., to prevent explosive mixtures from being ignited, making explosion-proof mobile phones in the above-mentioned dangers It can be used safely in the environment.

Third, how to choose an explosion-proof mobile phone

We know what an explosion-proof mobile phone is, and then companies must understand how to choose an explosion-proof mobile phone suitable for their business. To choose an explosion-proof mobile phone, you must first determine what kind of explosive substances are present in the environment, and then divide the hazardous locations according to the difference of gas or dust.

1 Explosive substances are divided into III categories:

Class I: Mine methane; Class II: Explosive gas mixture (including steam and mist); Class III: Explosive dust (fiber or fly floc).

2 Definition of hazardous locations

It is a measure of the actual possibility of danger in the area, and thus stipulates the applicable explosion-proof type. The following is the classification of hazardous areas classified by the International Electrotechnical Commission/European Electrotechnical Commission

Zone 0 (Zone 0): Explosive gas always exists or for a long time; there are continuously dangerous areas greater than 1000 hours/year;

Zone 1 (Zone 1): Flammable gas may occur or exist during the proper operation of the instrument; there are intermittently dangerous areas for 10 to 1000 hours/year;

Zone 2 (Zone 2): Under normal circumstances, there is no flammable gas and even if it happens occasionally, its existence time is very short; in the accident state, the danger exists in the area of 0.1-10 hours/year;

3 Temperature group

This is the highest surface temperature of electrical equipment related to the ignition temperature of the gas (assuming the ambient temperature is 40°C). The ignition energy has nothing to do with the ignition temperature. All flammable gases and their groups are listed in the first part of standard BS5345.

Maximum surface temperature

Temperature group common explosive gas

IEC79-8 GB3836-1

450℃ T1 hydrogen, acrylonitrile, etc. 46 types

300℃ T2 47 kinds of acetylene and ethylene

36 kinds of 200℃ T3 gasoline, crotonaldehyde, etc.

135℃ T4 6 kinds such as acetaldehyde and tetrafluoroethylene

100℃ T5 carbon disulfide

85℃ T6 ethyl nitrate, ethyl nitrite

In summary, companies can choose explosion-proof mobile phones corresponding to the explosion-proof level according to their own conditions.

4. Precautions for using explosion-proof mobile phones

(1) When purchasing a new explosion-proof mobile phone, confirm whether the explosion-proof label content is consistent with the requirements, whether the explosion-proof battery (removable battery) model is consistent with the battery model on the body label, and whether the rubber seals of each interface are damaged or deformed. Whether the interface can be effectively sealed;

(2) If the explosion-proof mobile phone is physically damaged, it is not allowed to be used in an explosive environment, otherwise it may cause an explosion or fire;

(3) When installing an explosion-proof battery, handle it with care and don’t hit it. Otherwise, the explosion-proof performance of the battery will be affected. Keep the battery sticker clear and complete; confirm that the contacts are clean and there are no foreign objects in the warehouse. OK, confirm that the sealing ring around the battery compartment is flat and in place, and tighten the battery cover with screws after placing the battery cover. The screws should be evenly tightened and not too loose or too tight. It is advisable to feel that the rubber ring is compressed 8;

(4) Explosion-proof mobile phones cannot be used in areas that exceed the specified explosion-proof level, otherwise it will cause a safety accident because the explosion-proof level does not meet the requirements;

(5) Do not replace the battery of the explosion-proof mobile phone in an explosive gas environment, otherwise the contact sparks caused by static electricity during disassembly and assembly will cause an explosion or fire;

(6) The ambient temperature of explosion-proof mobile phone is -20℃~+40℃, and the pressure is 80Kpa~110 Kpa;

(7) The identification and integrity of the mark must be maintained during the use of explosion-proof mobile phones. At the same time, the integrity of the information signs of the mobile phone machine itself must be ensured to determine the unique identity of the machine;

(8) Do not charge explosion-proof mobile phones in an explosive gas environment, but use the charger provided by the manufacturer;

(9) When an explosion-proof mobile phone fails or is suspected of malfunctioning, it cannot be reused. Please contact the manufacturer for repair and verification in time. Do not disassemble the explosion-proof mobile phone in any way. Disassembling by yourself will change the original design structure of the mobile phone hardware and cause explosion protection. Invalidation

(10) Strictly regulate the use of mobile phone peripheral plug-in equipment in accordance with the requirements of the explosion-proof certificate;

(11) Do not store explosion-proof mobile phones in humid and high temperature places for a long time.

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