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Face recognition access control gate

The face recognition terminal adopts a brand-new mold design and is an offline or networked face recognition access control and attendance product. It is positioned in the mid-to-high-end access control and attendance market, replacing the credit card and fingerprint access control attendance machines on the market.

The product supports four authentication methods: swiping face photo, ID face recognition, face recognition, swiping face recognition, which is convenient for users to choose flexibly. Support TCP/IP and U disk communication methods, allowing users to flexibly choose, upload and download user data and access control records, and configure professional access control attendance management software.

The regional feature analysis algorithm widely used in face recognition technology combines computer image processing technology and biostatistics principles. It uses computer image processing technology to extract portrait feature points from videos, and uses biostatistics principles to analyze and establish a mathematical model. Face feature template. The constructed face feature template is used to analyze the features of the tested face image and give similar values according to the analysis results. This value can be used to determine whether it is the same person.

Face capture and tracking function

Face capture refers to detecting the portrait in the image or video stream frame, separating the portrait from the background, and automatically saving it. Portrait tracking refers to the use of portrait capture technology to automatically track the designated portrait when the designated portrait moves within the camera's shooting range.

Face recognition comparison

Face recognition can be divided into verification mode and search mode. The verification formula refers to comparing the captured portrait or designated portrait with a pair of registered portraits in the database to verify whether they are the same person. Searching comparison refers to searching all registered portraits in the database to find out whether there is a designated portrait.

Face modeling and retrieval

The registered portrait data can be modeled to extract facial features, and facial templates (facial feature files) can be generated and saved in the database. In the face search (search type), the designated person is modeled, and then compared with the templates of all people in the database, and finally a list of the most similar people is listed according to the compared similarity value.

In vivo testing

The system can identify whether the person in front of the camera is a real person or a photo. This prevents users from using photos, videos, masks, etc.

Commonly used live detection includes binocular cameras and 3D structured light.

Image quality check

The image quality directly affects the recognition effect. The image quality detection function can evaluate the image quality of the photos to be compared and give corresponding suggestions to assist in recognition.

Possession of the ball

The high-definition control ball is also called the car pan-tilt law enforcement recorder. In recent years, it has become a common police law enforcement equipment used by many law enforcement agencies such as traffic police units and urban management units.

The high-definition control ball has the advantages of mobile and portable, high-definition images, smooth video, quick installation, and long battery life. The powerful disk supports 4G high-definition deployment ball adsorption on the roof/iron equipment, tripod and various temporary devices. 4G high-definition control ball has been widely used in police patrol, criminal investigation, security, and temporary control.

The multi-functional 4G high-definition cloth control ball currently on the market generally adopts the H.265 video coding standard, dual-card 4G bundled transmission, 2.2 million-pixel high-definition camera core, array infrared lighting package, high-precision pan/tilt, dual TF card storage, Beidou/ GPS dual-mode positioning, powered by lithium battery pack. At the same time, it supports transmission methods such as WiFi, maritime satellite, broadband satellite, and wired network. The transmission image is clear and smooth, and the image resolution can reach 1080P.


High-definition video: 1.2 million pixel high-definition camera mobile, image resolution up to 720P.

Multi-card transmission: 4G transmission, the bandwidth is up to 1.8 times the transmission bandwidth of 1 card, the uplink bandwidth is up to 8Mbps, and the drop rate is low. It can not only support the Internet/VPN transmission of operators, but also support the transmission of 4G private network base stations.

Power supply and charging: built-in high-performance military lithium battery pack, can supply power for up to 8 hours; support 220V mains, car cigarette lighter, portable solar panel charging mode, to meet the application needs of longer working hours.

Multiple installations: to meet the installation methods of different scenes such as walls, trees, poles, towers, tripods, and roofs. It has the characteristics of quick temporary control and convenient disassembly.

Mobile and portable: The multifunctional 4G high-definition cloth control ball uses a portable suitcase as a carrier, which meets the IP67 standard. It has the characteristics of small size, moderate weight, impact resistance, rain resistance, and portability, and is suitable for vehicles and personnel.

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